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AP Photo/Ron Harris

Republican Glenn Youngkin won Virginia’s governor’s race through “dog whistle racism.” Right, because that’s why Republicans also voted for Winsome Sears, who is set to become the first black woman to ever occupy the lieutenant governor’s office. She’s also a former US Marine. The Left cannot deal with this—and it’s delicious. MSNBC and CNN must keep the liberal media bias watchers on their toes because the insanity spewed over the past 36 hours has been epic. Yes, it’s a ‘new, old songs’ type of deal—but it’s beyond entertaining. The avoidance in admitting what is clear as day, which is that the Democratic Party has become too extreme for normal voters—is fun to watch. It’s not that we’re wrong, it’s that everyone else is racist. Also, white people suck. That’s the message of the day for Democrats who will learn nothing from Youngkin’s win or Phil Murphy barely surviving in deep-blue New Jersey. 


The moral superiority complex is even denser if they can’t see what happened here. It will earn another layer of protection given that the media will blame white voters, especially white women for the results in Virginia. 


Yeah, not wanting their kids to be raped in school in “white identity politics.” 

Wanting their kids to learn actual things in the classroom is “white identity politics.” Oh, yeah—Critical Race Theory is the new “welfare queen” iteration. These people are on Mars. The good news is that these folks drive the Democratic Party’s messaging, and they will never appeal to moderate voters. The center has left the Democratic Party and Joe Biden. And speaking like the faculty at UC Berkeley isn’t going to solve the problem. 

‘Why won’t they think and agree with us,’ they seethe. You know that’s how these liberals feel right now.

Well, we’re not mentally ill. That’s why. 

Jim Treacher summed up all these reactions the best.


"We lost and it's white people's fault."

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