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MSNBC Fill-In Host Says Democrats Should Focus on This Instead...It's Totally Wrong

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

It's not that I’m out of touch. It’s that everyone else is wrong. That’s the bubble mentality. That’s the Left’s moral superiority complex preventing them from seeing what every normal person can gauge from miles away. The Democratic Party is extreme. They’re peddling bad ideas. And Joe Biden is not popular. Also, Critical Race Theory is real, it is being taught in schools, parents don’t like it, and it’s another ‘woke’ initiative that’s absolutely trash. Never go to war with parents—that should be an obvious campaign strategy. Democrats decided to ignore it. They paid the price. Never go to war with suburban parents, especially moms. In less than two years, the suburban gains Biden and the Democrats made were wiped out in Virginia. 


So, will Democrats read the post-mortems? Certainly, the operative class will, but they’ve been overtaken by the ‘woke’ Left. Tiffany Cross was filling in for Joy Reid on MSNBC and her message was simply: ignore the post-mortems because the real lesson here is that white supremacy is alive and well.

This is expected, yes. It doesn’t mean the entertainment value has depreciated, however. The Left will double down because it’s not about facts or making people’s lives better. It’s about feeding their condescending personalities and pushing to expand government power into the realm of authoritarianism. True progressivism cannot work unless the Bill of Rights is shredded. The Constitution as written must be destroyed to enact their agenda. When you lose, just bury your head in the sand and keep repeating the lies. It’s about the narrative, not facts. You already know this, but let’s hope they learn nothing from these elections. The incoming red wave will be a red tsunami instead. 


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