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We've covered how terrible the situation is in Australia before. Leah wrote about a manhunt for Anthony Karam, 27, described as "public health enemy number one," after tested positive but allegedly broke quarantine. Well, the authorities found him and arrested him, and it's a sight to behold.


The video shows side by side Karam's arrest with China taking away people last year. It's scary stuff. Taking precautions is one thing, but hauling people off is another.

From what we can see, there's at least four people in protective suits, as well as at least eight police officers, some even carrying shields.

The clip closes with Karam speaking to the press, as he says "I have proof I've been isolating the whole time, mate."

A friend of Karam exclusively told The Daily Mail that the accused "was allegedly concerned police would 'harass' him."

It seems like for good reason, as the exclusive continues:

'When symptoms began to show, Anthony got tested, but put his parents' address on his Covid test because he was witnessing how much harassment comes from authorities for having Covid,' the source claimed.

'They arrive at any time of the day and without warning, bang on the door as hard as they can.'  

Officers have previously alleged that Karam gave authorities an incorrect address. NSW Police regularly check up on Covid patients and close contacts to ensure they are isolating.

The family source claimed: 'Anthony was giving an ultimatum saying that he can either go into hotel quarantine (for weeks) or they would throw the book at him.

'He tried to negotiate but they were firm with their options.'

Police repeatedly failed to find Karam after his positive test almost a fortnight ago and last Friday pleaded for the public's help finding him. 

It was the first time authorities have used Section 62 of the Public Health Act to publicly identify a New South Wales resident and their medical history.

NSW Police released footage of Karam coughing in the elevator of an apartment building. 

Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant also took the unprecedented step of releasing a statement warning the community to avoid approaching him.


Karam disputes the accusations:

The family source claimed Karam had then gone into isolation at his youngest brother's home. 

The source claimed Karam had at one point offered to FaceTime police officers and NSW Health during the manhunt, an offer which was apparently refused. 

Immediately following his arrest this week, Karam insisted he had done nothing wrong. 

'I have proof I've been isolating the whole time - so you do what you like,' he told Seven News.

Karam was charged with 13 offences, including nine counts of failing to wear a fitted face covering indoors in common property, failing to comply with public health orders and self-isolation orders, and 'not prevent spread of a Category 2 - 5 condition'. 

He did not apply for bail during a brief appearance at Bankstown Local Court on Friday, due to problems in setting up a video link, given his Covid-positive status. Bail was formally refused. 

The government of Australia reported on August 29 that there have been 51,256 cases and 999 deaths "since the first case was reported." The population amounts to 25,841,600 people, making it the 55th most populated country in the world. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), as of August 27, Australia ranks about #123 of countries and territories as far as most cases in the world goes.


There's 27 percent of people fully vaccinated in Australia, and 19 percent who have received the first dose. Even if a vaccinated person contracts the virus, they're almost certainly not going to get sick enough to be sent to the hospital or die from it.

The Associated Press reported earlier this month the capital was placed under lockdown over one case:

According to the report:

The Australian Capital Territory, which comprises Canberra and two villages, locked down for a week after a man tested positive on Thursday.

The tally of infections rose to six on Friday, with more than 1,800 people identified as close contacts of the original case since he became infectious, officials said.

Australian Capital Territory Chief Minister Andrew Barr said the lockdown would last until all new cases had been in isolation throughout their entire infectious period.

“We would want to see no additional community transmission, we want to go back to zero,” Barr said.

The recent infections are the first cases of community transmission in the city of 460,000 since July 10 last year.

This totalitarian like response doesn't look to be over any time soon. Matt just the other day wrote about how they've gone to build camps for COVID patients, or as they put it,
there's going to be a "dedicated regional quarantine facility."


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