Australian Manhunt Underway for 'Public Health Enemy No. 1' Who Refused to Quarantine

Posted: Aug 25, 2021 11:15 AM

Even as "normal" life begins to feel like it's regressing in America with more mask mandates going into effect, social distancing discussed again, and vaccine mandates on the rise, it's still nowhere near as bad as what our friends down under are experience (yet, at least). Aussies are in lockdown again, even though the seven-day average updated on Aug. 21 for Covid deaths was four. That mind you, is out of a population of 26 million people. New Zealand's Covid attitude is no better.

The insanity taking place down under has gotten so absurd that Covid-positive people who leave quarantine are being treated like serial killers. There is a manhunt underway, for example, for a 27-year-old man who tested positive and decided to leave his apartment. Surveillance footage showed him, alone, sneezing in an elevator—a heinous crime to Australian authorities. 

Just check out this news report, which reads more like satire than anything else.

A COVID-positive man labelled “public health enemy number one” is continuing to elude police days after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Anthony Karam, 27, was told by NSW Health that he had coronavirus on August 14 and must go into isolation.

However, according to police, he defied those orders and continued to move among the community.

On Friday night, police appealed for public assistance.

“Anthony has failed to isolate as directed by the Public Health Order and despite numerous attempts by police to find him; he has not been located,” a spokesperson said.

It’s understood police have been able to contact Karam through a third party.

He was offered a place in hotel quarantine but refused.

CCTV footage shows his last known movements, inside an apartment complex’s elevator.

Karam is seen sneezing several times inside the lift.

An order signed by Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant says Karam is a “risk to the health or safety of the public”.

“The community is warned to avoid contact with Mr Karam and not approach him”.

Anyone with information of his whereabouts is asked to call Triple Zero. (7 News)

Some on Twitter observed that this is American liberals' dream. 

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