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Glenn Youngkin Is Hopeful with His Run for Governor: Seeing 'Virginians Come Together Like Never Before'

A week after fundraising numbers from the first quarter revealed that Carlyle Group executive Glenn Youngkin topped the Republican field, Townhall was able to speak with him.


Youngkin enthusiastically shared that his campaign has gotten a lot of momentum lately leading up to the drive-thru convention where Republican delegates will pick the nominee for governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general on May 8.

He candidly mentioned that “13 weeks ago I didn’t have a twitter account.” Youngkin thinks that that momentum may have something to do with his efforts to get to know voters all around the commonwealth. “We have really traveled and visited with more Virginians that anyone could have possibly believed," which he's called "so encouraging" and has him "hopeful that we can get this done." Youngkin emphasized an optimistic view that he’s “seen Virginians come together like never before.” 

Youngkin mentioned his support when it comes to his business credentials, as someone who is “a 30-year business leader who knows how to build businesses and create jobs,” and “who brings real world experience, who can get things done.” He is a Christian, conservative, political outsider.

That status as a “political outsider” is another reason Youngkin offers for why Virginians are resonating with him. The Virginians he's reached out to all across the commonwealth includes not just Republicans, but Independents and Democrats, who Youngkin has emphasized “see such a need for change.” 

Part of that includes how “Virginians are ready for a different kind of governor” and somebody who knows how to deliver results and tell them what they can do, as opposed to telling them what they can’t do.”


Youngkin wants to resonate with voters his focus on how voters can once more rally together “for a new day” so as “to make Virginia the best place” to work, and live, and raise a family.

The gubernatorial candidate was able to share such insight about what he’s learned from voters because of the engagement efforts his campaign has been involved in, including through various coalitions.

There's Women for Glenn (W4G), headed by Glenn’s wife, Suzanne S. Youngkin. Another is Black Virginians for Glenn, led by Diante Johnson, described as the “President of the Black Conservative Federation and former Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board member.”

When it comes to “speaking to groups that we haven’t spoken to in a long time,” Youngkin offered that they want to engage with voters “through addition and multiplication, not through divisions and subtraction.” Such people may include “folks who actually are Republicans, but haven’t voted that way.” Youngkin pointed out “I’ll be a governor for all Virginia,” which includes all demographics and all areas of the commonwealth, including the overwhelmingly Democratic Northern Virginia. 

The candidate has also interacted with Young Republicans across the commonwealth. He was particularly enthusiastic to share his victory in the College Republicans at Liberty (CRLU) straw poll, where he won 47 percent of the vote with a sample size of 135 students.


When it comes to these young people, Youngkin spoke to how he sees them as the future of the Party. He noted the Republican Party needs to think more about “how do we create a pipeline of future leaders.” 

When it comes to his faith, Youngkin has also been in touch with other Christians such as Dr. Ben Carson, former presidential candidate and HUD Secretary under President Trump. Dr. Carson is one figure Youngkin looks up to, in addition to Republican governors, like Ron DeSantis of Florida, Greg Abbott of Texas, and Doug Ducey of Arizona.  Youngkin referenced Dr. Carson’s American Cornerstone Institute, and spoke highly of the Institute’s focus of “pressing forward on faith, community, and life,” as well as "his ability to move forward and bring people along to accomplish the most important objectives."

Dr. Carson provided a statement to Townhall. “I had a great conversation with Glenn Youngkin about our country and his Christian faith. He is a good man. I am not endorsing anyone in the primary, and I wish him and the many qualified candidates Godspeed as they try to get Virginia back to a place that protects business, life and our second amendment rights,” he shared. 

A project important to both men includes the 1776 Commission, an education initiative of the Trump administration to counter the anti-American and inaccurate 1619 Project. Youngkin said he looks forward to re-engaging the 1776 Commission as governor. 


When discussing the issues which matter most to Youngkin, he discussed at length the need to “get Virginia open,” including schools, businesses, and houses of worship. 

“After we get the economy open,” Youngkin shared, “our schools are top of the list right now.”

There’s also a particular devotion Youngkin has when it comes to not only not defunding, but refunding the police, as well maintaining Virginia’s right to work status. 

These are issues which Youngkin emphasizes crosses party lines, which are not necessarily Republican or Democratic issues, but “universal issues” which are “bringing together Virginians.”

Correction: An earlier version of this piece referred to "the Liberty University Young Republicans." It has been corrected to reflect the group's accurate title, "the College Republicans at Liberty (CRLU)."

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