Jon Ossoff Praises Bernie Sanders' 'Advocacy' for Socialized Medicine

Posted: Nov 29, 2020 12:25 PM
Jon Ossoff Praises Bernie Sanders' 'Advocacy' for Socialized Medicine

Source: AP Photo/David Goldman

In the middle of a heated runoff Senate election, Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff welcomed the support of self-proclaimed socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT). While masking radical views with a “mainstream” facade in order to win the support of Georgia voters, Ossoff praised the progressive views championed by Sen. Sanders. The Senate hopeful praised Sen. Sanders’ “advocacy” to “ensure that health care is a human right.” 

The legislation backed by Sen. Sanders would ultimately eliminate private health insurance, which would take away coverage from millions of Americans, in addition to holding a hefty price tag to be funded by taxpayers. Progressive lawmakers continue to advocate for the implementation of Medicare for All while the country navigates a global health pandemic.

Ossoff has not outright backed Medicare for All, but has voiced support for a government-run system. While not publicly supporting a total ban on private insurance, Ossoff’s campaign is fiercely supported by both Sen. Sanders and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Incumbent GOP Sen. David Perdue has spent much of his reelection campaign capitalizing on Ossoff’s support of the far-left’s agenda.

"Jon Ossoff is casually praising radical socialists and their dangerous agendas in his television interviews," said Perdue for Senate Communications Director John Burke. "He thinks the elimination of private health insurance and taking coverage away from millions of Georgians is worthy of admiration. Ossoff isn't hiding his radicalism, he's telling us who he really is. We should believe him."

Both progressive lawmakers have advocated for a legislative transition to socialized medicine. Sen. Perdue challenged Rep. Ocasio-Cortez to campaign in Georgia on behalf of Ossoff, as the far-left agenda that she advocates for hardly resonates with Georgia voters.

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