'Free Stuff Comes With a Price:' Sen. Perdue Blasts Ossoff's Far-Left Agenda

Posted: Jul 22, 2020 12:20 PM
'Free Stuff Comes With a Price:' Sen. Perdue Blasts Ossoff's Far-Left Agenda

Source: AP Photo/The Augusta Chronicle, Michael Holahan

Incumbent GOP Sen. David Perdue (GA) hit the airwaves attacking his progressive challenger Jon Ossoff for embracing policies which promise “free-stuff,” including government-run healthcare, that the Georgia Republican says will trample on individual freedoms. 

“A socialist government chooses your healthcare, kills jobs, and takes more of everybody's money to pay for their radical agenda that has failed across the world,” the GOP incumbent says. “That's not America, not Georgia, and not me.” 

The one-time candidate for Congress, who is now running for Senate with an inflated resume and credentials, vowed to support “health care for every American” and “clean energy and infrastructure” among other far-left policies, if elected in November:

"With Jon Ossoff and his liberal out-of-state donors intent on perpetrating their radical agenda on Georgia families, we need Senator Perdue's leadership more than ever,” said Perdue for Senate campaign manager Ben Fry. “Together, we will ensure that the road to socialism never runs through the state of Georgia."

Ossoff’s radical agenda is financially bolstered by out-of-state and corporate donors, despite his promise to reject "big money" for his campaign, as Democrats seek to gain a seat in the upper chamber. Sen. Perdue takes note of the repercussions of the left’s radical agenda, telling voters “the price of socialism is freedom:”