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Pro-Abortion 'Summer of Rage' Already Turns Violent

Ada County Sheriff’s Office

After pro-abortion organizers promised a "Summer of Rage" packed with hate-fueled protests if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, the 2020-esque demonstrations have already turned violent on day one of the campaign beyond shouting matches between the opposing sides. The culprits are the usual suspects.


Over the weekend in Boise, Idaho, an abortion activist at a Planned Parenthood protest was arrested for allegedly kicking a police officer and an organizer of a separate pro-abortion rally without a permit was taken into police custody for allegedly resisting law enforcement.

Pro-abortion advocates protested Saturday at the Idaho Statehouse where the Boise Police Department and Idaho State Police were present monitoring the planned demonstration. The Planned Parenthood Alliance Advocates led the city's "Bans Off Our Bodies" rally as part of a nationwide "Day of Action" that spread to liberal strongholds across America.

Among those causing disturbances that led to arrests, 44-year-old Kristi Lynn Jordan, of Meridian, was charged with felony battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting or obstructing officers.

At around 11:47 am, a man and a woman, identified by BPD as Jordan, walked into the street and attempted to coax protestors to enter the road past the closure at 8th and Jefferson Streets, according to a press release issued Saturday by the city of Boise. Police said that officers warned the instigators multiple times that they could be cited for ignoring police orders by lingering in the roadway. As officers attempted to escort the pair away from the street, Jordan resisted and kicked an officer, BPD reported. The unnamed man was cited and Jordan was arrested on the aforementioned charges.

Jordan remained in police custody as of Monday afternoon, according to Ada County Sheriff’s Office arrest records reviewed by Townhall. Court documents seen by Townhall show that Jordan, who was appointed a public defender, had a video arraignment on Monday when she was later granted an order of release. Jordan's upcoming preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 24.

On the day in question, Jordan declared on Facebook: "I’m marching because it’s MY BODY!!!!!!!!!"

Days earlier on May 9, Jordan launched a birthday-themed Facebook fundraiser to raise donations for Planned Parenthood. "I've chosen this nonprofit because their mission means a lot to me, and I hope you'll consider contributing as a way to celebrate with me," Jordan asked her Facebook friends.


Jordan has a criminal record stretching back to 2016 when she was found guilty of disturbing the peace and violating probation, Ada County Magistrate Court records reveal. In the case, Jordan, who also waged lawfare in divorce court that same year as a mother of minor children, pled not guilty to battery involving domestic violence without traumatic injury against a household member—a charge which did not materialize during sentencing. A judge handed down a month-long county jail order that was reduced to a suspended sentence. Jordan was also ordered to complete 16 hours of anger management, which appear to not have served her well when her alleged violent actions at the recent rage rally landed her again behind bars.

Kimra Tiffany Luna, 36, of Boise, was also arrested Saturday and charged with resisting or obstructing officers at a smaller pro-abortion march that took place at the state Capitol in response to the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion.

At approximately 1:15 pm, another smaller demonstration, which did not have a permit, began to march downtown. Luna, the organizer leading the march who was holding a megaphone with an attached microphone, was warned by state police and BPD that she did not have the permission to use an amplified device downtown. The device could be heard 300 feet away, according to BPD. After several warnings, officers moved to arrest Luna. BPD said Luna resisted by pulling away and refusing to let go of the megaphone. Luna was arrested on the above charges and cited for a violation of the Boise City Noise Ordinance.

Video of the arrest was recorded by Idaho Abortion Rights, capturing Luna shouting through the megaphone: "We Are Not Incubators!" and "Abortion Bans Equal Death!" When an officer informed Luna of the noise ordinance in place, the rally organizer claimed, "I'm not creating a noise." At one point, police had to drag the pink-haired activist away from the scene while a resisting Luna continued to chant, according to the clip posted to Instagram. 


When the arrestee was placed in handcuffs after police wrestled Luna to the ground, pro-abortion onlookers erupted in uproar at the sight.

Luna, a self-described "pleasure activist," "trauma-informed certified sex coach," "somatic ritualist," and "business anarchist" who uses "they/them" pronouns, has since been released from police custody according to the arrestee's out-of-detainment status. Luna was able to post $300 cash bond, court records show. The bond was posted after other protestors at the pro-abortion rally quickly raised money to bail the defendant out from Ada County Jail on Saturday, Idaho Press reports. According to court records, Luna has an afternoon June 7 clerk bond-out appearance scheduled next month.

While announcing the arrest on social media, Luna called the incident "police misconduct."

"The police infringed on my constitutional right," Luna ranted on Facebook, vowing to plead not guilty at the next court date. "It's my first amendment right to march and chant in PUBLIC areas."

Luna disputed the city's claims in an email statement to Townhall, alleging that demonstrators did not require a permit to protest on public sidewalks or permission to use amplified equipment there.

Later on Monday, Luna wrote on Facebook that the "trauma of the arrest is now kicking in," citing "nightmares all night about the police terrorizing me and my kids."

"I've had to shower numerous times because I'm almost trying to wash the experience off me somehow," Luna wrote in the Facebook post.

Luna has a personal website that promotes the activist's "Riot Doll Society" brand, a private Discord community that offers "RESILIENCE" through "breathwork" and "self-healing." Clients can sign up for two-hour web-conferencing sessions with Luna for private strategizing, which cost an eye-popping $555 USD, or enroll in astrology workshops to "learn how the planets and moon are affecting business."

The left-wing personal brand strategist earned the online adoration of Emmy-nominated singer Curtis Stigers who wrote the "Sons of Anarchy" theme song. The Twitter-verified song writer applauded Luna as "an inspiration" while lambasting BPD as "a big disappointment." Stigers added the pro-abortion hashtags "#WeWontGoBack" and "#GOPWarOnWomen."


"Event organizers for the Planned Parenthood Alliance Advocates had previously worked with the city, the state, and ACHD for the necessary permits and road closures for the event...The planned demonstration and march were mostly peaceful," the city of Boise press release said of the coinciding protests.

During the climax of the weekend Washington, DC, protest, Women's March executive director Rachel O’Leary Carmona, placed at the helm of the latest pro-abortion wave, declared on social media: "For the women of this country, this will be a summer of rage. Until our government starts working for us and codifies our right to an abortion, we will be UNGOVERNABLE..." Luna had similarly instructed marchers to bring "your rage."

Many of Carmona's followers who took to the streets Saturday were emboldened by her proclamation and acted unlawful and "ungovernable." Pro-life counter-protestors were harassed at the handful of abortion advocacy events held in solidarity with DC's massive gathering. The one in the nation's capital saw thousands of attendees donning "Handmaid's Tale" cosplay and "pussyhats" at the National Mall as the crowd of feminists and their simping male counterparts marched from the Washington Monument to the Supreme Court.

A LARPing communist activist joined far-left agitators in shoving signs and umbrellas in the faces of pro-life demonstrators, including resolute Students for Life activists posted on First Street NE.

Meanwhile, white liberals accosted a black street preacher in a "Jesus Saves" vest. The surrounding pro-abortion mob escalated tensions, waving anti-Christianity signs that read "F*ck Your God" and shouting blasphemous statements like "God doesn't exist!" The lone man's responded simply: "I'm so glad your mom didn't abort you." To which, a feminist snarked back,"I can't say the same for you."


The black street preacher advocating for the sanctity of life was told: "You've been brainwashed by colonization." A pro-abortion protestor chanting "Trans Lives Matter" even twerked on the street preacher trying to spread the word of God. Many on Twitter questioned if that vulgar behavior qualifies as sexual assault.

The left's intimidation tactics also targeted members of the press documenting the weekend's events. In the riot-torn city of Seattle, local Asian American journalist Jonathan Choe was stalked Saturday by a masked far-left radical with a deep male voice whom he "misgendered."

Choe apologized and said, "I thought you were a dude. Oh, my bad." The activist pointed to the "she/her" patch embroidered on the sleeve of the protestor's own jacket. "I didn't know that. Sorry, sir. Ma'am, I mean," Choe responded. "Get the f*ck out of here!" the protestor fumed.


"I told you I'm a woman already, right?! You're at a women's march misgendering people!" the deep-voiced aggressor donning a pink mask and nail polish screamed at Choe trying to film a pro-abortion protest at Cal Anderson Park. The combative extremist followed Choe around and blocked his camera shot repeatedly when he refused to stop recording on public property.

Choe said he is reporting the assailant to the Seattle Police Department. "This person assaulted me multiple times and invaded my space several times. All on caught on cam. Boundaries people! I’m no longer tolerating anyone who physically interferes. Back up!" Choe wrote on Twitter.

"This person bumped me several times and also put her hands on me as I tried to move away from this intimidating situation. It got so bad [that] a Seattle Police Sgt. on scene had to reprimand and warn this trans person about her behavior," Choe said in a statement to Townhall. "I am now in the process of filing a police report against this person." He emphasized that "though Antifa hijacked the march," he was not targeted by the mainstream activists there. The reporter noted that the "vast majority of people were there to peacefully rally for abortion rights," mentioning children and senior citizens in attendance. But he also recounted that an angry mob had circled a street preacher reading Bible passages and yelled vile insults. Some of the far-left actors exclaimed "All Cops Are Bastards" in the direction of police and heckled the officers nearby, Choe said he witnessed.


Choe had to part ways in late March with his news company, Sinclair Broadcast Group's KOMO 4 News, after the network allegedly caved to pressure from far-left activists who smeared the reporter's news coverage. The Seattle-based broadcaster has been a frequent target of Antifa threats for reporting on the homeless encampment crisis and skyrocketing crime that have been plaguing the leftist refuge in the Pacific Northwest. "I think we could make Jonathan Choe so widely hated that he physically cannot film in the city," an Antifa account on Twitter ordered others.

Townhall has reached out to the Boise Police Department for comment on Saturday's arrests in the city. Planned Parenthood Alliance Advocates West was contacted about Jordan's charges. Luna has also been reached for comment on the misdemeanor and the alleged ordinance violation.

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