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I’m not the only one that was aghast at how poorly Joe Biden delivered what could be one of his last State of the Union addresses. It formed the foundation for his 2024 pitch, so we can expect more of the same in the coming months before we’re deep into presidential election season. The problem for Democrats is that he was barely cogent. It was evident the president couldn’t read or follow most of the State of the Union address. Some of the lines had clear mental misfires riddled into the delivery, like Joe’s quip about asking Chief Justice John Roberts for a restraining order against his wife, Jill, who is going to the Super Bowl this weekend. 


It was an hour-plus of fantastical story-telling and lies, peppered with some jabs at Republicans who Biden has labeled domestic terrorists for disagreeing with him. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) was one congresswoman who didn’t take any of this malarkey, openly calling Biden a liar. 

The address was a left-wing dumpster fire, with Biden mocking the oil and gas industry, pushing a tax agenda that will suck businesses dry, and peppered with bouts of anger. The economy is back, with 12 million new jobs being created under Joe and a record reduction in the deficit. It brings a whole new definition to the word ‘fugazi.’ It’s shocking that days after a Chinese spy balloon breached US airspace, the Biden White House is doing Chinese math on the economic data. 

And that’s where Greene continued to torch the president. Before the State of the Union, she paraded around Cannon holding a white balloon with the caption, “It’s just an innocent balloon.” After the address, Greene mentioned that the Chinese spy balloon incursion was something that Biden never addressed or apologized for, adding that he’s too weak to protect American national interests. She eviscerated the speech and this administration in under three minutes, saying, “either he [Biden] doesn’t know what he’s talking about, or he’s just flat-out lying.”


One of those lies centered on the GOP scheme to cut Social Security and Medicare, which Greene denied, along with a host of congressional Republicans last night. Also, what was that tangent about non-compete contracts impacting cashiers at fast food establishments? Is that at the core of our economic recession, Joe? Also, hidden hotel fees aren’t a top domestic priority either. This administration is and has never been able to pinpoint, address, and resolve a crisis ever. The balloon fiasco was just another chapter in this long and predictable history of incompetence that engulfs this administration.

Be sure to check out Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders' GOP response to Biden's State of the Union, which Spencer covered:


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