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AP Photo/John Bazemore, Pool, File

She’s having fun with the spy balloon fiasco. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) decided to walk around Cannon with a white balloon, imitating the Chinese spy balloon that breached US airspace and floated for days before being shot down over the Atlantic over the weekend. The surveillance device reportedly spanned three bus lengths and was launched from Central China. It was discovered over Montana, where we have air force bases housing nuclear missiles.


As soon as it drifted over the ocean near the Carolinas, it was blasted out of the sky. But how this spy balloon avoided detection, or worse, why there was a middling response, remains a topic of discussion. We knew this balloon was veering into the US as it was spotted near Alaska, though since it didn’t pose a threat—nothing happened. 

The brass claims an “awareness gap” led to the breach, but now we’re debating whether Chinese spy balloons infiltrated US airspace under Trump. Does that make Biden look any better? The new pivot suggests that if spy balloons did penetrate US airspace under the previous administration, military officials intentionally buried these developments, withholding vital national security information from their commander in chief.


At any rate, Greene decided to waltz around with her balloon with the caption, “It’s just an innocent balloon.” 

You can see why conservatives love her and Democrats hate her. Even Republicans who might not be enamored by her antics should find this stunt amusing, even funny because it is.

 Biden is scheduled to address the nation at 9 PM tonight if he can remember what day it is.

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