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If the Media Were Fair, They'd Be Bashing Reckless Joe Biden for Getting COVID

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Joe Biden has COVID. Yesterday, he decided to abscond to Massachusetts to deliver remarks about his climate agenda. Biden issued more executive orders on global warming and led by example by mobilizing his gas-guzzling motorcade for this event. First, we must save the planet, but let me burn a ton of gas to get to the location to make such an announcement. He could have delivered this address from the Rose Garden. Yet, that's not the story. No one cares because today, Biden tested positive for COVID. He got it. I thought this was a pandemic of the unvaccinated, Joe?


He'll be fine because he's been jabbed four or five times with a vaccine whose side effects remain to be seen, but a host of us lined up because these folks said the shots would protect us from infection. Biden said so. Get the shot and take off the mask. Every talking point from the COVID panic crowd has ended up in the meat grinder. And what about the stigma? Remember when liberal America laughed at red states for their COVID spikes? You were selfish, reckless, and anti-science if you contracted the virus. Well, then Omicron came along and infected the blue staters. They had a meltdown. They did everything right by getting the shot, wearing 56 masks at a time, and wrapping themselves in saran wrap. Now, their leader, Joe Biden, got COVID. If the media were honest, they'd be bashing him for being a reckless old man who ventured out without a mask to deliver an address and then squirted his viral load all over the place.


The Media Research Center crew must have a field day going over past coverage of Donald Trump's COVID diagnosis. Our friends at Twitchy found a brutal thread that exposed the media's hypocrisy on this matter. Biden’s COVID diagnosis is soaked in sunshine and lollipops, whereas Trump's got marked by anger, anxiety, and the coming of the Dark Ages.


Again, we all knew how these people would react. It’s why no one trusts the media. They’re hated, and they should be.

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