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Scott Threlkeld/The Advocate via AP

You see it all over the news. From woke parents to elected officials, drag queens are becoming the Left’s latest weapon in the culture wars. From storybook time to their usual shows at clubs, woke parents are taking their children to these venues which have raised the ire of a lot of folks. Is it mostly conservatives? Yes—but the one thing missing from this discussion is that while drag queens might not care that children are in the audience, it’s really white progressive parents that are making this a big deal. Maybe they think they’re being funny by triggering conservatives about this. Conservatives are only merely bothered by the overtly sexual nature of the shows. It’s not appropriate for pre-teens. They’re for adults.


Drag queen Kitty Demure’s two-minute lecture to woke parents from 2021 has resurfaced on social media where the performer says in no uncertain terms that kids should stay the hell away from their shows. You can raise your child without subjecting them to “gay sexual things.” Demure noted that the gay community had already dealt with a reputation of being bastions of pedophiles, deviancy, and perversion. You don’t need to trot your kids to these adults-only venues. Demure flat out tells woke parents that they’re hurting the gay community by stopping by with their children to their shows.

“Keep your kids at home or take them to Disneyland or take them Chuckie Cheese but if you need your child to be entertained by a big human in a costume wearing makeup—take them to the circus.” 

Demure is blunt about drag shows: “it’s an adult thing.” There’s a lot of nudity, drugs, and sex backstage. This is why the venue is a nightclub for adults. That’s why this is raising eyebrows. It’s not that the performers are gay. That battle is dead. It’s the fact that these shows are meant for adults, not kids. 


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