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Police Bodycam Footage and Photos of Bob Saget’s Hotel Room Have Been Released

Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP

We have scores of domestic crises engulfing the country. We have a war in Ukraine, so the conspiracy theorists and others who are just curious about the death of the late comedian Bob Saget might have missed some photos and bodycam footage that was released. The Associated Press reported that a judge issued a permanent injunction on all documents, photos, and video footage relating to the investigation of the late comedian’s death. The request was made by his family, citing irreparable harm. Look, graphic details of how Mr. Saget died would be traumatizing to his children for sure. No doubt, but there are some questions here, especially the head trauma he suffered.


Saget’s head wounds were the equivalent of being hit with a baseball bat or falling 20-30 feet. It wasn’t some bump on the head. Doctors have noted this sort of injury was not something one just sleeps off. They added that the level of damage would suggest that Mr. Saget was not lucid prior to his death. Yet, further inquiries can’t be fully fleshed out due to the injunction. Well, apparently it was temporary because we have bodycam footage of police entering Saget’s hotel room. It’s not some gruesome crime scene. No blood all over the sheets. He did take a photo with the valet at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando, one of the last he took before his death (via KTLA):

Florida’s Orange County Sheriff’s Office released more photos and body camera video related to its investigation into the death of comedian Bob Saget, KTLA sister station WFLA reports from Orlando.

Bodycam video recorded on Jan. 9 showed deputies initially knocked on the door of the wrong hotel room before realizing their error.

The video then shows the door to Saget’s hotel room slightly ajar as deputies make their way in.

Investigation photos showed the hotel room after Saget was removed from the site.


An OCSO report released last week said the fractures in Saget’s eye sockets and bleeding around his brain may have been caused by him possibly hitting “something hard, covered by something soft.”


It very well could have been an accident. These things happen. Actor Anton Yelchin was killed in 2016 when the SUV he was driving crushed him. He was checking the gate to his driveway, which was on a steep incline. I know some people think Saget might have been murdered due to the rapid pace of most of the documents being sealed up, but let’s let sleeping dogs lie on this one. I’m sure some folks will still raise questions, but after weeks of speculation, it just looks like Mr. Saget died from a freak accident.

Saget died on January 9 while on a comedy tour. 

For another take, read our friends at RedState.

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