She Didn't Delete This? Texas Democrat's Tweet About COVID Is the Very Definition of Shameless

Posted: Jul 22, 2021 12:45 PM
She Didn't Delete This? Texas Democrat's Tweet About COVID Is the Very Definition of Shameless

Source: Scott Gordon NBC5

They fled Texas because they tried to derail a voter integrity law they didn’t like. That’s the Democrats for you. Texas Democrats got on a private plane, got some beer, and decided to flee to Washington DC. Along the way, they got infected with COVID. The group is infested. They met with other officials as well, including Vice President Kamala Harris. An aide to Nancy Pelosi tested positive after meeting with this fugitive group. They’re reportedly going to stay for a month pushing HR 1, which would nationalize elections in favor of Democrats. Yet, one state representative, Donna Howard, either didn’t inform her staff about her situation or is simply shameless. 

She tweeted, “We need to follow the science here. Texas needs to change course and allow for universal mask-wearing to prevent spread of the highly contagious delta variant, especially as children under 12 cannot get vaccinated yet.”

Uh, you’re part of a superspreader stunt, lady. Sit this one out. I mean, it’s utterly shameless, but it’s a trip that’s quasi-endorsed by the Biden White House. 

This isn’t a new tale. Democrats will always be the very villains they rail against on every issue. Stay inside, wear a mask, don’t be selfish, etc. when it comes to COVID. This band of fugitive Texas Democrats were selfish, they didn’t wear masks, and now they’ve spread COVID everywhere on the Hill. No, I’m not a mask Nazi, but these are their rules. They broke them. They exposed people to the virus but got a pass. As always, it must be nice to be a Democrat. No standards—ever. 

The Thinnest Veneer of Civilization
Victor Davis Hanson

Also, Donna, shut your face about COVID. You’re a bioterrorist. 

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