With Mexico Deals Revealed, When Will Joe Biden Admit He's Just as Shady as Hunter?

Posted: Jul 02, 2021 6:00 AM
With Mexico Deals Revealed, When Will Joe Biden Admit He's Just as Shady as Hunter?

Source: AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Joe Biden had no idea his crack cocaine-smoking son Hunter was doing shady business deals. He had no clue, except that he did. We knew this was a lie. He knew nothing. Really? Given the shenanigans Hunter has involved himself in over the years, you’d have to keep close tabs on him. Period. That lie was blown apart when Hunter’s laptop was revealed to the world, showcasing a sordid web of access deals with shady partners—and Joe was very much involved. He met with executives of the energy company Burisma, which was paying Hunter $50,000/month to sit on their board in 2014. Hunter had no experience in this sector, but daddy was vice president and allegedly this arrangement was done so the company could have access to top Obama officials. 

The real October surprise was the CEFC China Energy deal that fell through between the Chinese Communist Party and the Biden clan. It was hashed out when Joe was still VP, he was slated to get a 10 percent stake, but it was a no-go. Tony Bobulinski corroborated the claim, handed over all documents and devices where this deal was discussed to the FBI and was interviewed by the bureau. The media and big tech suffocated this story. The Bidens got millions for their time, however, from Beijing. Bobulinski said he felt the family was compromised over this deal—but this was viewed as a distraction by most outlets. 

The New York Post first reported on the contents of Hunter’s laptop and were frozen out of their social media access over it. Since then, we have more stories about shady business dinners, Hunter Biden’s wild nights with hookers and crack cocaine—and how the VP might have paid for it. Now, we have Joe hosting meetings with his son’s Mexican business partners and the overlap doesn’t seem to be coincidental (via NY Post):

At some point the Biden White House will have to confront evidence of the president’s involvement in his son Hunter’s shady overseas business dealings.

Joe Biden insists he never knew a thing about Hunter’s lucrative deals in countries where he wielded influence as vice president.

But evidence abounds on Hunter’s abandoned laptop of Joe’s involvement.

For instance, Joe invited Hunter’s foreign associates to breakfast meetings at his vice-presidential residence and to his office in the White House, the laptop shows. He took his son on Air Force Two to countries where Hunter was doing deals, and on at least one occasion, included one of Hunter’s business partners on the trip.

Among more than 100 events scheduled in Hunter’s diary at the VP’s residence at the Naval Observatory in Washington, DC, there are meetings which appear to overlap with Hunter’s business interests.


One photo also features Velasco’s son Miguel Aleman Magnani, the founder of budget airline Interjet, at whose Acapulco mansion Hunter and wife Kathleen had stayed that March. Jeff Cooper, a long-time Biden family benefactor, who ran one of the largest asbestos-litigation firms in the country, Illinois-based SimmonsCooper, also appears along with Hunter.


Cooper and Hunter had been working on energy deals in Mexico and elsewhere in Latin America. A 2013 e-mail from Cooper demonstrates their high expectations of the association with the Aleman dynasty.

“Miguel wants us to go to Mexico City,” he wrote to Hunter on February 26. “This is setting up to be flippin gigantic brother.”

At the time, President Enrique Pena Nieto was reforming Mexico’s energy market to allow private capital investment in state-owned oil and gas monopoly Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex).

Cooper’s association with the Bidens began in 2005 when he started filing multi-million-dollar lawsuits in Delaware in association with Joe’s late son Beau Biden’s firm Bifferato, Gentilotti & Biden. He would make a lot of money from the $30 billion asbestos compensation business, helped by Joe, as leader of the powerful Judiciary Committee, blocking asbestos litigation reform when a bill reached the Senate floor, as Paul Sperry from Real Clear Investigations has reported.

When Joe became vice president, Cooper put Hunter on the board of his venture capital firm Eudora Global, and gave him shares in the business, which netted Hunter around $80,000 a year, documents on the laptop show. In 2015, Hunter also received a “one-time payment” of $300,000 from Eudora.

You know, the media may have wanted her to be president. There was tension, sure—but she’s a Democrat. The press wanted Hillary Clinton to be president, but they at least covered the shady dealing she had concerning what changed her mind over the Colombia Free Trade Agreement, which centered on who gave money to the Clinton Foundation. In fact, the foundation was revealed to be a quasi-slush fund for the wealthy and well-connected to deposit favors with Slick Willy and Hillary. Drop some money and eventually down the line, some good will be bestowed upon whoever wrote the big check. It did help kill her 2016 presidential ambitions, which is exactly why the media ignored the Biden clan’s equally shady dealings here. They’re not falling for that again, so they are torching their credibility in the process to save a Democrat. And people wonder why reporters are mocked and viewed as untrustworthy now. 

If Republicans retake the House and Senate in 2022, there should definitely be hearings into these matters.