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AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Did Dr. Deborah Birx say she wanted Trump to lose the 2020 election? That’s what’s heavily insinuated in Andy Slavitt’s upcoming book. Slavitt was on Joe Biden’s COVID council but resigned last week. It’s just part of Birx’s airing of alleged dirty laundry since she left Donald Trump’s COVID task force last December. She then decided to spill what she thought went wrong under the Trump administration regarding how they handled COVID. If this pans out, she’s no better than Fauci. Okay, maybe she’s slightly better as Fauci is an attention whore—but it circles back to why the expert community’s credibility has been torched (via The Hill):


CNN reports that Andy Slavitt, one of President Biden's top COVID-19 advisers who stepped down this week, wrote in his new book "Preventable" that Birx spoke to him after briefing officials in Minnesota last summer.

"I wanted to get a sense for whether, in the event of a strained transition of government, she would help give Biden and his team the best chance to be effective," Slavitt wrote of Birx and their meeting, CNN reported.

"She looked me in the eye and said, 'I hope the election turns out a certain way,'" Slavitt wrote in the book, according to CNN. "I had the most important information I needed," he added, according to the outlet.

The interaction reportedly took place last August when Slavitt met with Birx, who worked on the coronavirus task force under Trump, after being invited to attend the briefing. 

Slavitt noted that Birx was "completely silenced" by the Trump administration, and that she seemed  "downright scared."

Birx did not immediately respond to CNN's request for comment.

I know, CNN reported on it—and they get a lot of stuff wrong—but would you be shocked if she said this? Even a blind squirrel finds a nut, and when it comes to ex-Trump officials bad-mouthing the former president, the chances of this story possibly being real tick up slightly. Additionally, given the sheer political bias, we saw from the medical community on COVID, I can totally see Birx saying something like this. She’s spilled the beans before, why should this story be any different? These people are supposed to offer unbiased opinions on public health issues but we have another expert who seemed more concerned about booting Trump, a sentiment that was pervasive in 2020.


Trump is gone, but the medical expert community’s credibility is shot. We all knew they were lying or peddling science fiction. Dr. Fauci’s email fiasco, where he admits, among other things, that store-bought masks do nothing, confirmed that suspicion. 

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