Of Course, Our Liberal Media Decided to Side with the Hamas Terrorists

Posted: May 11, 2021 7:15 PM
Of Course, Our Liberal Media Decided to Side with the Hamas Terrorists

Source: AP Photo/Khalil Hamra

Hamas and Israel are on a path to armed conflict again as the former decided to launch a series of rocket attacks against innocent Israeli civilians. Katie has been following the attacks. Ben Gurion Airport has been shut down. Israel’s Iron Dome is intercepting a ton of these rockets, but a few still manage to get through. Israel has retaliated. She’s entitled to defend herself, but like clockwork, our liberal media decided to side with the terrorists. And of course, Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) have sided with the terrorists as well. Today, Tel Aviv was under heavy attack by Hamas terrorists. 

Over at Newsbusters, you know they were having a field day, documenting the scores of outlets who were also siding with the terrorists. You see, no matter what—it’s always Israel’s fault. Nicholas Fondacaro covered the pro-Hamas propaganda that was peddled across the major networks last night:

Between ABC, CBS, and, NBC they decried Israel’s effective response after the Iron Dome saved lives and the latter suggested Israel was the escalator.

The report on NBC Nightly News was arguably the most egregious as correspondent Matt Bradley blamed Israel for the military exchange. “Tonight in the Holy Land, one of the most dangerous escalations in years. After Israeli missiles killed at least 20 people in the Gaza Strip,” he said

Only after the fact did he admit that “Israel's attack [was] retaliation for these rockets. As many as 150 of them. Launched at Jerusalem by the Palestinian militant group Hamas. Sparking alerts that sent Jerusalem residents scrambling.”

Later in the report, Bradley actually seemed to be more concerned about the situation forcing President Biden to take a side. And he pushed the myth of an Israeli “occupation” in the process…

Meanwhile on ABC and CBS, they had a problem with Israel responding to the rockets because they were using more effective airstrikes.

Despite admitting Hamas made “a dramatic escalation in violence” with “more than 150 rockets launched into Israel from Gaza” on ABC’s World News Tonight, chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz whined: “Most of the rockets stopped by Israel's defense system, the Iron Dome. But retaliation was swift and deadly. Israeli airstrikes hitting Gaza within hours.”

Sadly, this is to be expected. The liberal media will always side with terrorist trash. They must; newsrooms are filled with the ‘woke’ and intersectionality-minded lefties who think Israel is an oppressor state. At any rate, Israel has the right to defend itself from terrorism. Hamas thinks Israel should be pushed into the sea. If you want to carry the water for those people, liberal media—that’s fine. But you’re whores for doing so.