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WSJ Columnist Shreds Claim That Joe Biden is Free and Clear of China Corruption Scheme Allegations

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

 Hunter Biden’s ex-business partner Tony Bobulinski has flipped. He said he needed to come forward and set the record straight. Joe Biden has become a source of inquiry for some outlets regarding corruption allegations again. His son, Hunter, had his trove of emails exposed by The New York Post, showing that the former VP did indeed know a lot about the business dealings of his son. One, in particular, that’s drawing attention is this China deal, where some person noted as the “big guy” was slated to get a 10 percent equity stake in this arrangement. The Chinese firm no longer exists, the deal fell through, but it started when Joe was vice president. Mr. Bobulinski says “big guy” is Joe Biden. The firm had ties to a rival government. So, Joe is a liar who knew what was going on, he was reportedly referred to as the “chairman,” Hunter often called him to get approval to sign off on deals, and he used the office of the vice presidency to enrich his family. That’s the Biden Doctrine. Get paid and worry about the rest later. He’s shown to even go rogue on foreign policy to protect Hunter and his family’s interests.

Remember, Hunter was on the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma in 2014 when Joe was helming our policy initiatives there. Burisma paid Hunter $50k/month and reportedly got returns in the forms of access to top Obama officials. Oh, and legal protection; Joe was able to get the prosecutor looking into Burisma fired. How? He threatened to withhold aid. Now, The Wall Street Journal’s Kimberley Strassel threaded all the dates, emails, and communications together regarding the China deal and it’s not pretty for Joe. Some noted that Joe is clear of the China stuff because his name isn’t on the documents. Strassel had a thread noting how that’s not true. Joe isn’t out of the woods, and she added the key questions that should be asked of the former VP regarding this China arrangement 

“On this question of Joe Biden being somehow exonerated on the China deal, how so? WSJ news story correctly notes that his name isn't on documents. But those docs also suggest special care had been taken to make sure his name wasn’t visible,” she wrote. True. Bobulinski was told to only refer to Joe in face-to-face meetings. Mr. Bobulinski was interviewed by the FBI, as he turned over all devices and business records where he and the Bidens were involved. 


“The doc w/proposed equity stakes said Hunter was going to hold 10% for the ‘big guy.’ Tony Bobulinski, Hunter's partner, says the big guy is Joe--and Bobulinski presumably told that to the FBI today. Got to wonder why he'd risk a false statement charge if that wasn't true.”

Good point. 

She then zeroed in on the questions the press should ask of Joe.

“Are you "big guy"? b) While Chinese money never materialized, were you at one point--via a Hunter--in line to have an equity share? c) Did you meet with Hunter's partner? d)how does any this comport w/ your claims to not talk business w/Hunter?”

Valid points, but with the press refusing to cover this story, labeling it a distraction—and social media censoring people sharing stories about Hunter’s emails—I doubt it. This is the October surprise, and the media isn’t going to cover it. Not shocking, but I don’t want to hear complaints from these clowns when we hit them for being utter trash at their jobs. 

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