Total Meltdown: Biden Aide Can't Answer Fox News' Bret Baier's Questions In Disastrous Interview

Posted: Sep 10, 2020 8:45 PM

TJ Ducklo, Joe Biden’s national campaign spokesperson ventured onto Fox News for an interview with Bret Baier, and it was not good. It seems there’s a reason why this operation has had a bunker mentality. Everyone sucks. Joe Biden cannot be on the campaign trail for more than a speech before getting wiped out, and his campaign staff can’t handle simple, run-of-the-mill questions. 

Ducklo tried to say that Joe Biden never opposed the China travel ban, which is outright false. We have video of the former VP calling it xenophobic. Second, Trump is already doing everything that Biden says he wants to do in waving his magic wand to eradicate COVID from our shores. There’s some serious gaslighting here. 

Not just from Biden, but from the national media itself. They all think we forget that they were downplaying the virus, which is an allegation that’s been lobbed at President Trump regarding his interview with Bob Woodward. Yeah, Woodward had this interview with Trump…in February. But only decides to spill its contents until now. The timing is all you need to know about this stunt. 

And this comes after the fake news Atlantic piece in which unnamed sources confirmed what other anonymous sources said regarding Trump supposedly denigrating America’s war dead in France three years ago. This did not happen. And funny how this story has died. It was a quick death. No one has gone on the record. The race is tightening up in battleground states and Democrats are scrambling with these shoddy stories to see if something sticks. Nothing is sticking. 

The panic was evident in this interview. When Baier brought up if Biden uses a teleprompter for live TV interviews, Ducklo not only refused to answer the question. He attacked Baier. 

Like Biden, Ducklo doesn’t want to answer questions. Typical. Are they nervous? That interview certainly didn’t give off the impression that this operation is confident that they’re ahead in all of these suppression polls the media has doled out in the past few days following the Republican Convention. 

And yeah, again, there is something wrong when Joe Biden is supposedly ahead of Trump by seven-to-ten points and he’s struggling in the key and very Democratic Miami-Dade County in Florida. I think this race is closer than the polls are letting on…again. 

Also, have we forgotten that during the Kenosha, Wisconsin pit stop, where Biden joked about getting shot in a city engulfed by rioting over a police shooting, the Q&A period seemed rather…scripted. In fact, it was alleged that was exactly what the participants were doing. Great theater, right? 

Bring on the debates. Let’s go.