Did Anyone Notice This Odd Part About Liz Warren’s DNC Speech?

Posted: Aug 19, 2020 10:25 PM
Did Anyone Notice This Odd Part About Liz Warren’s DNC Speech?

Source: AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren addressed the Democratic National Convention. She was pretty jacked up, especially when she turned her fire onto Trump and the Republicans. She did have probably one of the best speeches praising what could be a Biden agenda could be. 

Joe has really good plans apparently. Warren took her time passing the peace pipe as she rattled off Joe’s plan to increase social security benefits, create new union jobs through clean energy, and cancel student loan debt. Biden will fix the bankruptcy laws too. She hit on the usual points about how the financial system is rigged to help billionaires. Oh, and Joe will hold corporations accountable, and ensure the wealthy pay their fair share. It was your run-of-the-mill Warren speech. 

Warren also hit on one issue that was a cornerstone of her campaign: childcare. She told an anecdote about how as a struggling working mother, she couldn’t do it alone until Aunt Bee arrived with her suitcases and stayed for 16 years or something. As I saw someone comment on this part, isn’t this part of the plot of Andy Griffith? Did she lift this off Andy Griffith? Not only did she fake being a Native American, but she’s also now stealing plot devices from old television shows. Warren said that this taught her that no one can make it alone, how childcare is an essential infrastructure for families and that starts by making pre-school universal. 

She closed by blaming President Trump and the Republicans for botching the COVID response while ignoring that members of her party through their nursing home policies—looking at you Cuomo—killed thousands of the elderly and infirmed. Warren falsely claimed that the US now has the most COVID deaths; we all know China is the mecca for this virus. This plague originated in Wuhan. Oh, and this economic crisis from COVID, thanks to China’s incompetence is Trump’s fault too. 

Yet, let’s take a look at Warren’s main points here regarding childcare and student debt. For starters, it’s shoddy and prime material to drum up a populist backlash. Noah Rothman of Commentary quickly shredded Warren’s agenda back in June of 2019, where even MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle said that Warren’s college plan would do nothing to lower costs: 

"God bless Elizabeth Warren for coming out with a policy-oriented campaign. We get to talk about issues rather than red meat," he said. "That's wonderful. The problem with her big ideas is a lot of them are awful."

Rothman criticized Warren's universal child-care plan, for example, saying her goal of providing free care to those making 200 percent of the poverty level or capping the charge at 7 percent of a family's come, would require capping costs in the child care industry.

"You do that one of two ways. Regulating the industry or creating some sort of a federal alternative," he said. "I'm not sure if people are going to like dropping their kids off at federal day care."

He also critiqued her plan to cancel 95 percent of student debt, calling it the largest transfer of wealth "to wealthy people" in the country's history. Experts have said her plan will benefit colleges and universities as well, since they would be likely to hike tuition fees.

"And it does nothing to lower the cost of college," Ruhle said.

So, yeah, you can see why Warren’s 2020 bid was scalped. She and Joe share one thing in common. They both peddle very bad ideas.