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AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

Sen. Elizabeth Warren's (D-MA) 2020 campaign is chugging along, I guess. She’s not taking a commanding lead in the polls. She’s rather insufferable outside of the usual Democratic bastions, which isn’t enough to win elections. And her fundraising hit a speed bump when her finance director jumped ship. Yeah, as it turns out, it may be difficult to fund a national campaign solely on small donations. As some Democrats have found out, you need those people with a lot of money to keep the machine well oiled. Now, she’s releasing more of her agenda. Noah Rothman, formerly of Hot Air, did give her some credit in the sense that the non-Native American isn’t just peddling Democratic talking points 24/7. She is trying to talk about policy. The problem is her policies are trash, some of which are blatantly unconstitutional.  Even MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle pointed out that Warren’s plan to tackle college tuition debt does nothing to reduce costs.


Rothman added that if anything that plan would be a recipe for another Trump-like candidate to rise due to the populist backlash. He noted that those who had paid off their debt would feel like suckers should this plan be enacted. The wealth tax she has proposed might also be illegal (via Free Beacon):

"God bless Elizabeth Warren for coming out with a policy-oriented campaign. We get to talk about issues rather than red meat," he said. "That's wonderful. The problem with her big ideas is a lot of them are awful."

Rothman criticized Warren's universal child-care plan, for example, saying her goal of providing free care to those making 200 percent of the poverty level or capping the charge at 7 percent of a family's come, would require capping costs in the child care industry.

"You do that one of two ways. Regulating the industry or creating some sort of a federal alternative," he said. "I'm not sure if people are going to like dropping their kids off at federal day care."

He also critiqued her plan to cancel 95 percent of student debt, calling it the largest transfer of wealth "to wealthy people" in the country's history. Experts have said her plan will benefit colleges and universities as well, since they would be likely to hike tuition fees.

"And it does nothing to lower the cost of college," Ruhle said.

I mean the woman thought she was a Native American based on nothing but old family stories, folks. Are we shocked that her policy ideas are garbage? This is a woman who has committed the cardinal sin of the institutional Left. She culturally appropriated another culture, and please—she most definitely benefitted from this tall tale, indirectly at least. This lie about her granddad’s high cheekbones got scalped, it got flayed by Charlamagne tha God of The Breakfast Club, who was not going to let her off the hook; he called her the original Rachel Dolezal. And now, her 2020 agenda just took an arrow.   


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