Mad Max Goes Ballistic: Tells GOP Congressman It's *Your* President That's Tearing Country Apart

Posted: May 17, 2018 5:25 PM

Well, she’s at it again. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) went on the warpath on the House floor last week, accusing the automobile industry of gender and racial bias concerning the process of obtaining a car loan. There was one congressman who just wasn’t having any of it: Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA). The intense exchange occurred when the House was set to vote on an Obama-era protection concerning this process. Kelly, a car dealer himself, said it wasn’t just Waters railing against the auto industry, but a steady stream of Democrats who came to bash his colleagues. It was about division. Kelly decided to push back against Waters, who cited a study that, in her mind, provided irrefutable proof of discrimination with auto dealers. When he said that members of Congress ought to be working hard to make America great, Waters came unglued. She claimed that she will and has been more offended as an African-American woman than he ever could be, a not so subtle reference to the Left’s favorite topic: white privilege. 

 “And this business about making America great again: It is your president that’s dividing this country,” she added.

Via Fox Business:

The clash between the two lawmakers over race and discrimination began ahead of a vote to repeal Obama-era legislation that protects consumers from discrimination by automobile dealers.

Kelly lambasted Waters, a frequent Trump critic, on the floor after she cited a study that has shown discrimination against people of color in the auto industry in their car-loan process. Waters said the study should have included women, too, because “they think women are stupid, don’t know how to negotiate a loan, and women have been taken advantage of too.”


…Kelly fired back, saying the California Democrat was impugning “the integrity” of people in the automobile industry. The verbal fight between the two representatives escalated into a discourse on President Donald Trump and discrimination in the U.S., with Kelly admonishing Waters for trying to divide the American people by bringing up race and gender discrimination.

“I want you to know that I am more offended as an African-American woman than you will ever be,” Waters said in response. “And this business about making America great again: It is your president that’s dividing this country.”

The latter remark is telling—and it reinforces what we already know about Waters. She’s a staunch anti-Trump Democrat, who is working to impeach him because she doesn’t like him very much. It’s middle school antics. She’s obviously mad Trump beat Hillary Clinton. She thinks the Russians colluded with the Trump team, for which there is zero evidence. Her recent reason for impeaching Trump is based in his decision to withdraw from the terrible Iran nuclear agreement. This goes along with the phantom obstruction of justice charge. She recently said the president should be damned during a labor union event.  

It’s Trump Derangement Syndrome. Waters is from a very liberal district from a very liberal state. She can afford to go off like this with no consequences—and she will. At least there was Mr. Kelly there to call her out on her BS.