HuffPo: Karen Handel Winning Isn't Good For Women Because She's Conservative, Or Something

Posted: Jun 22, 2017 4:45 PM
HuffPo: Karen Handel Winning Isn't Good For Women Because She's Conservative, Or Something

Republican Karen Handel may have won the special congressional election in Georgia, but liberal women aren’t happy. Despite the feminist mantra that they tolerate differing views among members of their movement, we once again see that progress for this group is only good when other liberals win. That’s a given, but their meltdown over Handel’s win is still entertaining. It also reminds us that women who veer from the herd are left to die in the wilderness. So, conservative women, women who might be anti-abortion, but liberal on everything else; sorry—you’re not really a woman. You’re “woman-y,” or something:

Handel herself made a point to note that she is the first Republican woman Georgia is sending to Congress. At the end of her acceptance speech, she said, to large cheers: “Tomorrow the real work will begin, the hard work of governing and doing that in a civil responsible way that is in the best interest of every Georgian, every sixth district citizen, and every citizen of the United States of America as we prepare to send Georgia’s first Republican woman to Congress.”

It’s certainly admirable to see the Republican Party sending more women to Congress, given that the party has an even more dismal gender gap than the Democrats do. But as Jennifer Wright argued for Harper’s Bazaar in May: “Feminism doesn’t mean liking every stupid woman you meet.”


In that same vein, being a woman does not automatically make you good for womankind ? especially if your woman-y career has been dedicated to making life harder and worse for lots of women.

Handel supports the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, calling the ACA the “single biggest intrusion into the lives of Americans in decades.”

She is staunchly anti-abortion.

She has a history of supporting strict Voter-ID laws that disproportionately target people of color.


Yes, Handel is a woman (hooray!), but her track record and stated policy priorities do not inspire much confidence that she’ll do anything to advance rights and opportunities for other women.

Well, that’s crap. You just listed her positions, which fit the mold of any conservative Republican. Just be honest, feminists. The truth shall set you free: you really, really hate Republican women. Those “stupid women” are conservatives, right? Frankly, the non-D.C.-based politics of the workplace seem to be impacting women more, with some cases being to their detriment concerning the wage gap and other opportunities. That’s all without the help from GOP women allegedly ruining everything for everyone. Jill Filipovic said that maybe it was just time to call everyone who votes for Handel and people like her (i.e. Republicans) bigots. She then expounds on that point by asking who votes for Handel and Trump, along with urging Democrats to nix white working class outreach and instead reach out to their base: women and minority voters. Heat Street’s Stephen Miller aptly noted that 52 percent of white women voted for Trump. White college graduates voted 48/45 for Trump over Clinton. So, it wasn’t just the country bumpkin class of this slice of the electorate who voted for Trump. White voters historically are 70-75 percent of the electorate. It’ll probably be around 70 percent in 2020. Marginal shifts can win elections. You saw that with Trump. If Mitt Romney won three percent more of the white vote, he would’ve been president. You don’t get that with minority voters, who cluster around Democratic bastions. Without rural America, Democrats cannot grow or be competitive. Not to mention the people who voted for Trump number in the tens of millions. If Democrats don’t want to reach tens of millions of voters, that’s fine, but they’ll keep losing elections. Trump voters are not die-hard Republicans either.

They would vote Democrat if the party spoke about jobs, trade, and infrastructure instead of white privilege, how cops are murderers, how abortion is delicious, gender roles, and political correctness. They’re swing voters. For goodness sake, millions of them voted for Obama, twice in some cases. When Michael Moore says these people are not racist, you know you’re going down the wrong messaging path. It also shows the appalling smugness of the liberal elite: We’re cultured, educated, and live in a place that matters (i.e. the cities), while you uneducated, racist degenerates live in nowhere-ville. How dare you think you can elect a president? Well, they did. They pay their taxes. They work hard. And they’re entitled to a say in who runs the country.  Also, quite a few Democrats live in Middle America; some of them voted Republican for the first time since Trump spoke about jobs. They felt abandoned. Oh, and I know this has been said already, but if you want to remain in the position of neutral politically, keep calling people who don’t think like you—or vote for your cherished candidates—bigots. In all, when the GOP rode the 2014 wave, some in this feminist camp had the same reaction: I can’t stand GOP women.

This is a refreshing throwback. 

Honorable Mention: Cosmopolitan and their ‘Oh, God she’s awful’ breakdown of Handel because she’s a conservative. How dare anyone stray from the feminist ethos? Grab your pitchforks! 

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