Former Obama Comms Director: I Don't Know If Clinton Would Have Won If Election Were Held On October 27

Posted: May 08, 2017 1:20 PM

Hillary Clinton is back. She’s starting a super PAC to help fund organizations fighting the Trump agenda and eventually candidates for the 2018 midterms. And she’s declared that she’s a member of the resistance. The lady just will not go away. She once again reiterated that she believes that FBI Director James Comey and the Russians cost her the election, not because she was unlikable, not trusted, had no economic message, and told half the country that they were deplorable for supporting the Republican. She has famously said that if the election were held on October 27, she would be president. On October 28, the FBI informed Congress that they would be reviewing new emails found on a laptop that we later found out belonged to Anthony Weiner, husband of top Clinton aide Huma Abedin. They shared the device. Abedin would also forward State Department documents, some of them containing classified information to the laptop to be printed off. So, yeah—we have another instance of a possible crime—mishandling classified information—striking within the Clinton orbit.

A lot of folks on the Left also feel that the FBI and the Russians tilted the scales. Pollsters disagreed, especially with the notion that the Comey letter swayed the election. Clinton was recovering by the time Election Day rolled around. Liberals also feel that misogyny and sexism played a role. Not true. Clinton was simply a horrible candidate.

Former White House Communications Director under Obama and State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki also threw cold water on the theory that Clinton would be president if the election were held on October 27. On CNN's State of the Union, she admitted that the Russians, sexism, and Comey were factors, but said, “we don’t really know that” Clinton would be president if the election were held 11 days prior to Election Day.

She circled back to the survey and focus groups that liberal super PAC Priorities USA conducted in Wisconsin and Michigan, where a sizable number of voters who voted for Obama but flipped for Trump felt that the Democratic agenda supported the wealthy. She warned that if Democrats don’t listen and change direction, they are going to continue to lose elections.