Oh God: Clinton To Launch New Super PAC To Help 2018 Candidates, Organizations Opposed To Trump

Posted: May 05, 2017 8:00 PM

Hillary Clinton is out of the bunker and now part of the resistance. This was inevitable. Clinton lost the 2016 election, she just cannot move on from it, and now will continue to try and influence Democratic politics even though many just want her to go away. Regardless, now that she’s out of the woods, Clinton will be eliciting the help of her former chief development officer at the Clinton Foundation to find donors for her new super PAC that will start out helping organizations fighting the Trump agenda. Eventually it will put to work to assist candidates for the 2018 midterms. The PAC will be called Onward Together (via Politico):

The former secretary of state is building a new political group to fund organizations working on the resistance to President Donald Trump’s agenda, spending recent weeks in Washington, New York City, and Chappaqua, N.Y., meeting with donors and potential groups to invest in, and recruiting individuals for the group’s board of directors, multiple people close to the two-time White House hopeful and people familiar with the group’s planning told POLITICO.

She is looking to launch the group, expected to be called Onward Together — a nod to her campaign slogan, Stronger Together — as soon as next week, they say. Clinton’s spokesman declined to comment for this story.

Clinton has been working with Dennis Cheng, her campaign’s finance director who was previously the Clinton Foundation’s chief development officer, to bring donors into the fold.

Clinton made it know that she was part of the resistance during the Women for Women International luncheon in New York City on Tuesday. The former first lady and two-time presidential loser spoke with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour during the event, where she said (once again) that FBI Director James Comey and the Russians cost her the election. Clinton also plans to write a memoir, which will include the 2016 election. She said she plans to detail the various flaws that sunk her campaign. For Clintonites, they’re going to eat this up. For others frustrated over her campaign and distraught over Trump’s victory, they really, really want her to shut up and go home.