Let It Go, Lady: Clinton Says She's Now Part Of The Resistance

Posted: May 03, 2017 12:53 PM

Hillary Rodham Clinton just can’t get over losing to Donald Trump. It’s really becoming a pathetic spectacle. At the Women for Women International luncheon in New York City yesterday, the former first lady once again railed about the Russians and FBI Director James Comey screwing up her presidential ambitions. Of course, that’s nonsense. Clinton made entirely avoidable mistakes that destroyed her on character issues with voters, like her flippant attitudes towards high six-figure speaking engagements to Wall Street and using a private email server to conduct all official business while serving as our top diplomat. The latter was serious since the server was unauthorized by the State Department and unsecure, posing a national security risk. Alas, enters the FBI with their investigation and the rest his history. This was clearly an avoidable mine that the Clinton campaign decided to step on anyway.

Besides the griping, the former first lady said she can’t avoid who she is, which is that of a very engaged citizen. Clinton said that she’s worked for decades on issues that would push America forward, even for those who aren’t fans of hers. She noted how robotics and artificial intelligence were some of the issues that have to be examined now because they will upend the livelihoods of millions of Americans and countless numbers of people globally.

“So, I’m now back to being an activist citizen and part of the resistance,” she said to a loud round of applause.

Of course, this was the reception in New York City. It’s Clinton’s backyard, but is she serious about the resistance? These are folks who more or less reject Clinton’s style of politics. They’re more left leaning, they want to close the chapter on the Clinton in liberal politics, and they want to win and stop Trump. You’re never going to have that happen with Clinton, one of the most visible and recognizable Democrats, attaching herself onto the movement like a barnacle. For liberals, you have to know that Trump was eminently beatable and she blew it.

There is a thing called dying with dignity. It appears that Hillary knows that her career in public life is over. She won’t be president. The fact the she told The New York Times Nicholas Kristof that she’s probably done running for office at the Women in the World conference, another liberal gathering, shows she at least cognizant of that fact. Still, she wants to be in the limelight. It’s over, lady. Go home; enjoy the grandkids, and your millions of dollars.