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Global Warming Gives Us The First Storm-Free Peak Hurricane Season In Nearly Four Decades

Remember the freak weather global warming was supposed to cause? It’s to the point where the Obama administration feels that this is a national security priority (it isn’t). Nevertheless, Mother Nature decided to play another prank on environmentalists with their global warming nonsense by giving us the first storm-free peak hurricane season in nearly four decades:


September 12 marks the peak of the Atlantic Ocean hurricane season, but this year the day passed without any named storms. Odder still, the recently restless Pacific Ocean had a quiet day, too. In fact, across the entire Northern Hemisphere, not a single tropical storm swirled.

Global warming is preventing the ice caps from melting, wreaking havoc on Antarctic research stations by preventing easy access for resupply ships due to the accumulation of sea ice, and expanded the Arctic Ice Cap by 533,000 square miles. Global temperatures have stagnated for nearly 16 years, and we’ve seen some of the quietest tornado seasons on record. In 2013, it was the calmest tornado season in six decades. In 2015, the tornado count is 59 percent below average.

No wonder why the CIA shut down its climate research program.

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