HamNation: I Do Not <em>Like</ to Hear Good News

Posted: Apr 27, 2007 1:09 PM

Harry Reid said this week that, if Gen. Petraeus reported progress in Iraq, he would just choose not to believe him. Pesty victory problem solved.

When he said that, he reminded me of the guy in "Green Eggs and Ham." So, today, a poetry reading in the style of "Green Eggs and Ham," with Petraeus as General Fooz (because nothing rhymes with Petraeus), and Harry Reid as that grumpy old guy.

Thanks to my mom for the fabulous voiceover! (And, to my dad, for staying up late to record it.) Update: Oops, and thanks, as always, to Katie Favazza. And, to Emily Dunham and Christie Grennes for handing me lots of sheets of paper very quickly. Well done, ladies!

Update: I also make a surprise appearance in Michelle's year-end Hot Air wrap-up. Why? Because as bad as I am at Dance Dance Revolution, I made the blooper reel. Ha. Enjoy, along with some of your favorite Michelle performances.

Update: More video! The Friday Freefly is up, and it's about whether the Defeatist Dems will ever push Lieberman over the edge.