Allen up 27,000 Votes With 91 Percent Reporting (Updating)

Posted: Nov 07, 2006 9:58 PM

The Webb/Allen race has 91 percent reporting and Allen is up 27,000, 50-48 percent.

Keep checking, here. Allen up 18K with 93 percent reporting, approximately.

The Green got 23,000 votes. If Allen pulls this off, thank you Greens.

Update: Barone reports on Fox that outstanding precincts in VA are both Republican and Democrat. This is gonna be a drawn-out battle, I think. Allen's lead is down to about 12,000 with 95 percent reporting.

Update: We're in for a recount in VA. Allen's lead is down to less than 2000 with 99 percent reporting. Fox is reporting that Webb is up, but the VA website doesn't reflect that.