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Controversial Teacher With ‘Z-Size’ Prosthetic Breasts Starts New Job ‘Dressed As a Man’


Kayla Lemieux, the controversial Canadian teacher who made headlines for wearing obnoxious “z-size” prosthetic breasts to school, showed up to his first day at his new teaching job “dressed as a man.” 


Lemieux showed up at his new school at Nora Frances Henderson Secondary School with police escort, according to a report from the Toronto Sun. But, he came with “facial scruff and longer wavy hair” and is going by “Kerry,” the name he went by before “Kayla.”

Last year, the Sun noted, Lemieux told reporters that his prosthetic breasts were “naturally grown,” despite the fact photos of him out in public outside of school showed otherwise, which Townhall covered


An officer told Daily Mail that Lemieux is now self-identifying as a male and using the name “Kerry.” A student who spoke to the outlet said that it was “a little bit” of a relief to know that he is presenting as a man, because his outfit with the blonde wig and fake breasts was “kinda weird.”

Another student who spoke to DailyMail said that Lemieux’s previous look was a distraction. 

“It is very unprofessional to show up at the school in that,” the student said. “I feel like if it's going to bring only bad things to the school, why should it be allowed?”

“I feel like they changed our school a lot to accommodate this person.”

Townhall covered how Lemieux previously taught at Oakville Trafalgar High, where images of him wearing the prosthetic breasts at school emerged online. In March, it was revealed that he was placed on leave after photos showed that he did not wear his wig and fake breasts outside of school.

Reports broke recently that Lemieux was headed back to the classroom this fall, this time, at a different school.

“The problem’s just moved somewhere else,” Celina Close, a parent of Oakville Trafalgar high, told the New York Post. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result."


“They’re telling parents they’re taking safety precautions for the kids but won’t say anything about what the justification is for Lemieux to be back in the classroom, which is the root cause of the problem," Close continued. “The parents at Nora Frances Henderson should be concerned about their children’s safety."

“I know from experience the school environment turns into a circus with Lemieux on site," Close concluded. "The parents at Nora Frances Henderson can expect the same circus. I feel bad for those families and kids."


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