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Trump Promises to Punish Doctors, Hospitals Who Provide Irreversible Gender Transition Care for Children

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Former President Donald Trump said this week that he will punish doctors who provide irreversible gender-transition services to minors if he is reelected president in 2024. 


In an video released on Truth Social, Trump vowed to put a stop to “gender-affirming” services for children, which includes puberty blockers, hormone therapy, and sex reassignment surgery. Last year, on “Transgender Day of Visibility,” the Biden administration issued guidance promoting this type of health care, claiming that “providing gender-affirming care is neither child maltreatment nor malpractice.”

“On day one, I will revoke Joe Biden’s cruel policies on so-called ‘gender-affirming care’...a process that includes giving kids puberty blockers, mutating their physical appearance, and ultimately performing surgery on minor surgery,” Trump said, adding that he will sign an executive order instructing that the federal government halt all programs that push this radical agenda on kids. 

“I will declare that any hospital or healthcare provider that participates in the chemical or physical mutilation of minor youth will no longer meet federal health and safety standards for Medicaid and Medicare and will be terminated from the program immediately.”


“Furthermore, I will support the creation of a private right of action for victims to sue doctors who have unforgivably performed these procedures on minors children,” Trump said.

“No serious country should be telling its children that they were born with the wrong gender,” Trump said in the video. “Under my leadership, this madness will end.”

In the video, Trump said he would direct the Department of Justice to investigate the pharmaceutical industry and hospitals to investigate if they “deliberately covered up horrific long-term side effects of sex transitions in order to get rich.”

Late last year, Townhall reported how Chloe Cole, an 18-year-old de-transitioner, announced that she would sue the medical professionals who performed an irreversible double mastectomy procedure when she was 15 years old and believed she was “transgender.” Cole, now 18, came to regret her decision a year after and has suffered from complications from the procedure ever since.

“My teenage life has been the culmination of excruciating pain, regret, and, most importantly, injustice,” Cole said when she announced her lawsuit. “It is impossible for me to recoup what I have lost, but I will ensure no child will be harmed at the hands of these liars and mutilators. I am suing these monsters.”


In September, Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville suspended its “gender-affirming” surgeries for children after it was revealed that it was providing these services for children because it’s profitable.

After the alarming details about the clinic were revealed by Matt Walsh, Vanderbilt deleted the clinic’s entire website and put out a statement claiming that his reporting “misrepresented” facts about the clinic. However, Walsh's Twitter thread pulled straight from the clinic’s webpage and lectures from its physicians that were available on the internet, which Townhall covered.

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