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Pro-Abortion Colorado Gov. Defends Third-Trimester Abortions

AP Photo/David Zalubowski

Pro-abortion Colorado Gov. Jared Polis (D) said in an interview this week that abortion is a “gut-wrenching decision” and that pregnant women should have the option to abort their unborn child in the third trimester of pregnancy.


Polis made the remarks in an interview on “Fox News Sunday” where he discussed how last month he signed a “fundamental right” to abortion into law “free from government interference,” as Townhall covered.

“What we did here is we preserved, essentially, the Roe v. Wade protection in Colorado. Cause fundamentally, Shannon, what we believe is this is not about the government making that decision [abortion]. It’s about the government making that decision. To sort of win this battle, it’s about the hearts and minds of women, not the laws of man,” Polis said in the segment. 

“Is there a limit on abortion up through nine months in Colorado?” anchor Shannon Bream pressed. 

“It’s the same as it has been in the last several decades. People face gut-wrenching decisions every day, whether it’s rape or incest, they’re often having the choose between the life of the mother or child. For the government to insert itself into that conversation, between a doctor and a woman, a faith leader and a woman, is simply wrong. I think we need to approach this a different way. I think there’s a lot of common ground around reducing unwanted pregnancies, empowering women and men with birth control, and really generating a culture of responsibility about what it means to be a parent,” Polis said, not answering the question.


“Okay. And I will take that as a yes, that there is an option for abortion up to birth,” Bream responded. She then cited a poll that showed that 80 percent of Americans believe abortions should be illegal at the third trimester.

As several states pass pro-life laws to protect the unborn, including South DakotaIdahoTexasArizonaOklahoma and Florida, states like CaliforniaMaryland and Colorado are working towards expanding abortion.

Watch Polis’ “Fox News Sunday” interview below.


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