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AP Photo/Elaine Thompson, File

Last month, the Townhall editorial team published a piece on what defines a woman. This came after the Judge Kentanji Brown Jackson Senate hearings where she was asked to define the word “woman” and she responded saying she is “not a biologist.”

As we wrote in the piece, “woman” is defined as an “adult female person.” 

However, a college professor came out this week with a video claiming that “woman” and “female” cannot be used interchangeably because they are not the same thing, because “gender” and “sex” are not the same thing.

Celine-Marie Pascale, a professor in the department of sociology at American University in Washington, D.C., appeared in a video released by The Hill on Friday claiming that gender is different than biological sex and that there should be more than two genders.

“You have no idea what sex I am by looking at me, but the way that I present myself is historically, a proxy for whatever is underneath my clothing,” Pascale opened the video by saying.

“Gender isn’t a proxy for some inherent biological sex. Gender is a continuum. You can have multiple genders rather than just two, and I think there have been times in the public discourse when the word ‘gender’ was used in place of the word ‘sex’ and the word ‘sex’ was used to mean ‘sexuality,’” she continued.

Pascale went on to claim in the video that sociologists say “male and female” refer to sex and “man and woman” refer to gender – and that they can’t be used interchangeably. She described how a Texas law at the center of a court case in the 1990s recognized gender as “fixed at birth by the Creator.” 

“That’s not gender at all,” she argued. “That would be sex.”

“As a sociologist, I’ve always used gender to distinguish the social construction of our presentation and our behavior from biological aspects of it,” she concluded.



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