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We've Defined 'Woman' for You

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Over the last few days, there has been much "debate" over the word "woman" and how to define it. 

The discussion over the proper definition of the word erupted across social media and news publications thanks to a basic question posed by Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) during the Senate Judiciary Committee's hearings regarding the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. 


"Can you provide a definition for the word 'woman'?" Sen. Blackburn asked during her line of questioning. 

"I can't... Not in this context — I'm not a biologist," Judge Jackson replied

Despite not being a biologist or having a background in biology, one would expect Judge Jackson, a Harvard Law School graduate, would be capable of providing even a rudimentary definition of the word. Of course, the liberal media rushed to Judge Jackson's defense, with USA Today Wellness Reporter Alia E. Dastagir writing, "Marsha Blackburn asked Ketanji Brown Jackson to define 'woman.' Science says there's no simple answer."

With all of this confusion around the definition of "woman," Townhall is here to clear everything up. 

Merriam-Webster defines "woman" as "an adult female person." To make sense of that definition, it requires us to define another word, "female." Merriam-Webster defines "female" as "of, relating to, or being the sex that typically has the capacity to bear young or produce eggs." 

In simplified terms, a "woman" is a human being capable of giving birth to another human being.

If that definition is still too confusing or not thorough enough, here are four scientific ways to know if a person is a woman:


– They have XX chromosomes

– They were born with a uterus and ovaries

– They have menstrual / ovarian cycles

– They can give birth to another human being

See, defining "woman" and identifying one isn't so hard after all.

Townhall will not allow the accomplishments of women to be erased or have their dreams crushed by biological men competing in women's sports or winning awards such as "Woman of the Year."

Stand with us and help fight back against the woke, progressive left's absurd, anti-science definition of "woman." Support our conservative journalism and join Townhall VIP. Use promo code REALWOMEN at checkout for a 25% discount on your subscription.

– Townhall Editorial Team


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