Mollie Hemingway Addresses 'Media In A Post Roe World'

Posted: Jun 13, 2018 6:00 PM

WASHINGTON D.C.- On June 13that the Heritage Foundation,  “Americans United For Life” hosted “Women Speak 2018: A Symposium on Life Without Roe.” 

During the panel on “Cultural Implications of Overturning Roe,” Mollie Ziegler Hemingway, Senior Editor at The Federalist addressed the issue of  “Media In A Post Roe World.”

Hemingway addressed the skewed way that the media covers the pro-life vs. pro-choice media stories. An example Hemingway gave of a story that should have been covered by media, was the murderous doctor Kermit Gosnell. Whether pro-choice or pro-life, Gosnell should have been newsworthy.  However, liberal media outlets actually had to be “shamed into covering Gosnell,” said Hemingway.

Furthermore, Hemingway pointed out that liberal media outlets give a prominent platform to pro-choice events, while giving minimal to no coverage, or at best biased coverage to pro-life events, such as the “March for Life” that takes place every year in D.C. 

“Being a woman is a gift that doesn’t need to be conquered. It needs to be valued.” said Hemingway. 

Additionally, Hemingway pointed out the hypocrisy of those who claim to be champions of free speech, but suppress the voices of pro-lifers while giving a prominent platform to the pro-choice movement. 

Hemingway pointed out one of the problems in how the media covers the issue of abortion. Whether pro-choice or pro-life, we are not telling the stories we need to be telling, we are not telling the stories related to women’s fertility issues. While “unwanted babies” are being brutally murdered everyday, there are countless women whose hearts ache to hold their own baby.  However,  they know that whether it be their own issues, or the issues of their partner, the only way they will ever hold a baby of their own is through means of surrogacy or adoption. 

Hemingway highlighted the importance of elevating the great storytellers.  We need to learn to pull out the pro-life narratives that we see in everyday concepts of culture and media, often times we find pro-life messages in hidden places. For example popular movies often carry pro-life messages if only we look for them.