Welcome to the Mindset of an Open Border Radical

Posted: Dec 10, 2010 10:58 AM
Isabel Garcia, a Pima County legal defender supported by the taxpayer dime and director of radical open-border group Derechos Humanos in Tucson, Ariz. was recently at the University of Arizona trying to sell the DREAM Act while tearing down  American values and disregarding the rule of law, all while playing the race card.

These statements make it clear that the DREAM Act is blatant amnesty, a form of "social justice," and a part of the open-border agenda for the reconquista of America.

"This institution should be standing with us for a basic fight for human rights, the most basic of rights being education, being non-discrimination, standing up, being the first in line to stand for our community, that's where the University of Arizona should be, standing in the front, not on the side not behind us, they should be in the front fighting for all of our rights."

"The Right has been looking at the demographics for the last four decades at least. What have they found? They have found that the entering classes are children of color, is it any shock that public education is on the chopping block right now. Is it any shock that these right-wing extremists in Phoenix are going after education k-12?"

"It is you who is going to take back a road to justice, a road to real freedom, a road to where we can have education for everybody, that education is not going to be limited to just us, the people with money."

"Right now ten days of a hunger strike, by who, by all of you, by these dreamers in Phoenix and all over this country who have put immigration, consideration and reform back into the public light."

This video was shot by a University of Arizona student.