John Wayne's Daughter Endorses Trump, Listen to John Wayne Discuss Liberalism

Posted: Dec 31, 2015 10:00 AM

Yesterday, Aissa Wayne, daughter of legend John Wayne, wrote a letter to Donald Trump, endorsing him for president of the United States.  

She wrote:

My dad, I am sure, would be very proud of Mr. Trump and the goal to Make America Great again! I want to thank Mr. Trump for the tireless work he is doing for this country... please know that I am in your corner, I am certain that my dad would have been a big supporter of Mr. Trump.

John Wayne was not one to talk much about politics in America, but when he did, his words were powerful and still resonate today.  

In the audio below, Wayne speaks of a new liberalism that never listens to another person's point of view and makes decisions only according to their point of view.  He laughs when he realizes that he is considered a 'right wing extremist'.

Wayne talks about human behavior and how government can never make laws that change human behavior.  

He admits that America is being conned into socialism, which will not stop the human element of greed.

"If you take $20 and give a dollar to every son of a b**** in the room, you come back a year later one of the b*****ds will have most of the money.  I mean it’s just human nature.  We’re never gonna whip it with a lot of laws," Wayne said.