Greg Gutfeld Destroys Media Matters for Accusing 'The Five' of Lying About Coronavirus Coverage

Posted: Apr 01, 2020 3:20 PM

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld took a Media Matters staffer to the chopping block on Twitter after they accused him and "The Five" of lying when Gutfeld said they raised the alarm over the Wuhan coronavirus during the early stages of the outbreak.

Andrew Lawrence, the Deputy Director of Rapid Response for Media Matters, accused Gutfeld of lying and Gutfeld replied by pointing Lawrence to a video clip that showed he was wrong.

Lawrence switched goalposts and said some on "The Five" had downplayed the seriousness of the disease. 

"[Y]ou're in deep dude. you lied about my coverage, slandered me in a very vital way, and now you're running from your own claim. retract now, be a man if that's indeed possible," Gutfeld replied.

As I previously wrote, the narrative from liberals within the media that Fox News did not take the Wuhan coronavirus seriously is not accurate. While some on the channel did compare it to the flu or said seasonal flu deaths were higher, many other news organizations said the same thing.

Part of this is due to China hiding the seriousness of the disease for weeks before other countries found out COVID-19 was more transmissible than originally thought when outbreaks flared up within their borders.