Bristol Can't Make the Cut: Falls to Jennifer Grey in Dancing Competition

Posted: Nov 24, 2010 9:35 AM

"Dancing with the Stars" ousted Bristol Palin in favor of Jennifer Grey in a season finale that was wreaked with controversy and politics.


Palin lost along with her partner Mark Ballas, but not before they made it through ten episodes, aided by Sarah Palin, who attended a few of the performances. A sanctioned ballroom competition only uses judge's marks to determine who advances into the next round, but "Dancing" uses viewers imput as well. That resulted in massive outpouring of support from the Palin crowd, who called the voter hotline in record numbers and actually overloaded the system on the final night of the competition. Regardless, Bristol could not overcome the smooth moves and star-power of Jennifer Gray, who's Dirty Dancing performance was an 80's legend.


Rumors are flying that Christine O'Donnell will be in the next "Dancing" competition...

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