Iraqi Shoe-Thrower Picks Up Shoe, Puts It On, Leaves Prison

Posted: Aug 31, 2009 5:30 PM
Al-Zeidi was supposed to be in the brink for 3 years after throwing a shoe at former President George W Bush during a visit to Iraq -- the ultimate Arab insult (I don't really get it, but I also don't get things like Buzkashi, an Arab national sport, either). Al-Zeidi was granted some leniency, because he's now getting out of there in less than a year.

No one is really sure why,  but if I could venture a guess -- I mean, am I being too obvious here? -- but, it was just a shoe? Alas, no. What would a story out of the Middle East be without a little dose of anti-Bush rhetoric:
"Al-Zeidi's shoes were a suitable farewell for Bush's deeds in Iraq," Sunni lawmaker Dhafir al-Ani said in welcoming the early release. "Al-Zeidi's act expressed the real will and feelings of the Iraqi people. His anger against Bush was the result of the suffering of his countrymen."
Puh-lease.  If Al-Zeidi would've thrown that shoe before the invasion, the best thing that would've happened to him is that his head would've been cut off. Be grateful for what you got, buddy.