Boehner Stands Up for Keystone

Posted: Feb 04, 2014 4:45 PM

As approval of the Keystone Pipeline continues to be an issue of debate, Speaker Boehner felt it was necessary to give the president a nudge with some impassioned words. After a member of the press asked Speaker Boehner whether the pipeline plan was too complex to attach to legislation raising the debt ceiling, he quickly responded by shooting that idea down.

"Complex? The Keystone pipeline is complex?" Boehner said. "It's been under study for five years!

"We build pipelines everywhere in American everyday. Do you realize there are 200,000 miles of pipelines in the United States?

"The only reason that the president's involved in the Keystone pipeline is because it crosses an international boundary. Listen, we can build it. There's nothing complex about the Keystone pipeline. It's time to build it," Boehner added.

Boehner then went on to say that President Obama should stick to his promises of ending a time when science took a back seat to ideology. But of course, all of this is just speculation until there is actually a plan.

As of right now there is still plenty of time left in the 90 day time period it will take to get the State Department review. Until then, we won’t be seeing the pipeline attached or moved to any bills. At this point, really anything is possible, but clearly the GOP is quite interested in moving the country forward in terms of energy production.

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