Stephen Colbert for Senate?

Posted: Dec 07, 2012 3:40 PM

On last night’s episode of the Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert made a plea to the Governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley, to be considered for the newly opened Senate seat. After Senator Jim DeMint announced earlier this week he will be leaving his seat, Stephen Colbert took it upon himself to find the perfect replacement. He suggested himself!

The comedian said, “Let’s see, you want somebody young, somebody conservative, somebody who’s from South Carolina, maybe somebody who had a super PAC,” pointing at himself. He called on his audience to tweet at Nikki Haley to encourage “Appoint Colbert”.

In a response of her own on her Facebook page, Nikki Haley said, “Stephen, thank you for your interest in South Carolina’s U.S. Senate seat and for the thousands of tweets you and your fans sent me,” Haley wrote. “But you forget one thing, my friend. You didn’t know our state drink. Big, big mistake.” This was a reference to her appearance on his show earlier this year when they competed in a trivia contest in which he failed to answer the question correctly (the answer is milk).

The announcement of his candidacy comes after a brief political stunt earlier this year when he competed in the South Carolina Republican Primary. His super PAC has been largely successful with his younger audience, and he provides a comedic commentary on politics. The suggestion made in jest was a great way to get the conversation started about who should fill this empty seat. Stephen Colbert certainly would provide some much needed comedic relief in Washington!