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Yonatan Sindel/Pool via AP

Violence in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict continues to boil over, as reprisal attacks escalate, back and forth.  We covered the so-called Jenin 'massacre' a few weeks ago, highlighting the anti-Israel lies and deceptions in which leftists and 'anti-Zionists' so often engage on such matters.  Since our last analysis, there have been new developments, including a successful raid carried out by Israeli forces this week.  Anytime Israel kills Palestinians, it's reflexively denounced by the usual suspects, who inevitably try to frame the operation as some sort of cruel, senseless bloodletting.  The "international community" and global press often goes along with the narrative, many times via omission.  NBC employed dramatic language in its story about what happened, in what reads as an effort to pain Israel's actions as brazen overreach.  But what they're forced to admit near the outset of the story fully vindicates the raid, by the admission of the terrorists themselves -- who this time didn't bother with the usual 'Israel targeted innocent civilians' slander.  Pay attention to the first sentence, followed by the third:


Israeli forces stormed into a refugee camp in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin on Tuesday, killing at least six Palestinian militants in the latest in a series of deadly military raids carried out in broad daylight.  Israel said troops targeted and killed a Hamas operative responsible for gunning down two Israeli brothers last month. Palestinian armed groups later said that all five of the other fatalities were also militants and members of either Hamas, Islamic Jihad or the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades. As Israeli forces laid siege to a house inside the camp, NBC News saw large crowds gathered at the camp entrances and set tires aflame to try to block the raiding force’s exit. Israeli helicopter gunships and drones circled overhead, only sometimes visible through the plumes of black smoke billowing over the city...Mohammad Shtayyeh, the prime minister of the Palestinian Authority, called the raid “a massacre” and appealed to the Biden administration to do more to stop Israeli incursions into Palestinian cities.   Meanwhile, Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, praised his country's troops.

Here are the "victims" of the "massacre:"


Given some of their infamous work in this arena, I'm somewhat surprised Reuters published this photo at all:

This type of thing is, of course, standard operating procedure for Palestinian terrorists, who use mosques, schools, and hospitals are staging grounds for their terrorism, exploiting human shields, and attempting to maximize propaganda opportunities if and when Israel responds in self-defense:

 I'll leave you with this from Ben Shapiro, who makes reference to this ongoing controversy within Israeli politics:


US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is in Israel today.

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