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Gross: Reuters Publishes Wistful Profile of Palestinian Terrorist Who Shot Innocent Victims

AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu

In our post last week about a series of terrorist attacks against innocent Israelis, we mentioned the persistent and maddening anti-Israel bias prevalent among so many in the news media and the vaunted 'international community.'  It's striking how often Israel critics must flat-out lie or lean on false equivalencies to advance their narratives.  Another element of this type of dishonesty is intentional whitewashing, some of which is particularly brazen.  In this piece, we relayed the disturbing story of a 13-year-old terrorist who shot and wounded two Jews near an Israeli settlement in the West Bank, the day after a deadly terrorist mass shooting at a synagogue in Jerusalem.  

Reuters has published an astonishing article (I won't link to it) that almost reads as a tribute to the young gunman:

Indeed, the victims this radical tried to murder in cold blood do not appear in the story, which is something of an ode to the shooter.  It does, however, include a baseless allegation from the boy's family that he did not carry out the attack -- and was, in fact, the victim.  Video evidence appears to prove otherwise (content warning):

The byline on the piece belongs to a woman who describes herself in her Twitter biography as a "Palestinian journo from Jaffa reporting for Reuters."  She is a graduate of Columbia journalism school.  In my view, a culture that celebrates death, rewards martyrdom, and poisons the hearts and minds of its kids in such a way that breeds child terrorists is deeply sick.  Glorifying or rewarding that sickness in any way, as opposed to exposing the sickness, is certainly a choice. This is what Israel is up against.  They're also up against the Iranian regime, whose military capacity the Israeli government claims to have degraded in a recent attack inside Iranian territory.  What has the regime been up to lately?  Helping the Russian regime kill Ukrainians in the Kremlin's unprovoked war of aggression:

Guess who else is part of this modern-day evil axis?

China is providing technology that Moscow’s military needs to prosecute the Kremlin’s war in Ukraine despite an international cordon of sanctions and export controls, according to a Wall Street Journal review of Russian customs data. The customs records show Chinese state-owned defense companies shipping navigation equipment, jamming technology and jet-fighter parts to sanctioned Russian government-owned defense companies...China’s backing for Russia while it wages war on Ukraine was supposed to be on the agenda for discussion during Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s travels to Beijing this weekend. That trip was indefinitely postponed Friday after the Pentagon said that it had tracked a Chinese reconnaissance balloon over the continental U.S. earlier in the week.

Russia, China and Iran are all on the same side, and they've been conducting joint war games, as well.  This is a clarifying alliance.  It shouldn't be hard or complicated to choose sides.


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