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Since we cover Woke Tales regularly, and the madness never seems to stop escalating, we might as well take a moment or two to celebrate every time the hordes suffer a setback.  That's why we were pleased to cover stories like the costly smackdown of Oberlin College in court, SpaceX and Netflix standing up to their activist employees (same at the Washington Post, sort of), some semblance of sanity and fairness being restored to women's swimming, and the heartwarming tale of the revolution utterly devouring itself on the professional Left.  And now, behold, welcome policy changes in San Francisco -- where even those 'progressive' voters couldn't tolerate a pro-criminal District Attorney or hyper-woke school board hijinks any longer, showing four elected officials the door in a matter of weeks, via recalls.  

It seems the surviving school board members have taken notice:

The San Francisco school board voted 4-3 Wednesday night to return Lowell High School to a merit-based admissions system, two years after it first switched to a lottery-based system. Beginning with freshman entering in fall 2023, test scores and grades will be used to admit students to Lowell, barring any other changes by the board, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. The board first voted in favor of a switch to the lottery system in October 2020 because they said remote learning created a lack of academic data on which to base admissions decisions. Four months later, the board made the decision to permanently switch to a lottery system in an effort to address alleged racism and a lack of diversity at the elite academic school. That vote faced a legal challenge, which ended in a judge ruling that the district had violated laws related to the Brown Act that regulate public meetings. The board reversed the decision to permanently instate lottery-based admissions and then extended the lottery process for another year...The latest vote comes months after San Francisco voters recalled three progressive school board members in a February election. The recall movement was driven by parent concern that the board was more concerned with social justice than reopening schools during the pandemic, recall organizers said at the time.

We wrote about this story, highlighting how a racial fixation and buzzwords like equity had been weaponized to destroy one of the best-performing schools in the country -- a school that had been a crucial ladder to a better life for many talented young students whose families could never have afforded prestigious private schools.  Better to drag everyone down than allow "unfairness" that isn't perfectly woke, the board decided, sparking outrage.  And now, that terrible call has been rescinded.  The board had also frantically walked back another bit of lunacy they'd previously implemented, renaming a bunch of "offensively" or "problematically" named school buildings, all while students were locked out of those buildings for no sound scientific reason.  There was also a ridiculous panic over a mural of George Washington, dating back multiple decades, deemed to be racist by the usual shouters.  The school board had ordered it covered up.  Now?  Never mind:

The San Francisco school board has voted to rescind a previous decision to cover up a George Washington campus mural from the 1930s that critics say is racist and degrading in its depiction of Black and Native American people. The board's 4-3 vote Wednesday followed a court's ruling in a lawsuit that the school board's original decision violated state law, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Looks like they needed a shove from a judge on this one, too, and three members still didn't want to change course.  Maybe three recalls weren't quite enough.  Before one starts celebrating a turning tide, recall that the nutters never rest, and the damage they inflict on issues ranging from picayune and important never stops:

A shoplifter with 122 busts under his belt was released on his own recognizance Wednesday thanks to controversial bail reform laws Bragg typically defends — and the DA’s office told The Post that even prosecutors would have asked for pre-trial detention if they could. In the latest reported case of lax city crime policies run amok, accused serial shoplifter Lorenzo McLucas, 34, was nabbed for stealing from the cosmetics counter at a Duane Reade on Lexington Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, according to cops and court documents. Bragg’s office told The Post that it would have requested McLucas be detained if it could, keeping in line with the DA’s recent announcement that he wanted to clamp down on serial shoplifters.

They say they want to hold him, but they can't, because of the wild law that turns police stations into turnstiles for repeat criminals.  Great law, guys.  Very progressive.  So much equity.  I'll leave you with a rich tech bro scolding women for publicly stating that they feel physically unsafe due to urban crime...essentially because it makes Team Blue look bad:

The "unsafe" assertion is celebrated and encouraged on the Left, to justify all sorts of censorship and cancelation.  But ideological exceptions, such as literal lack of safety, apply.  I'll leave you with another Team Blue in New York losing members in droves, and it's not hard to see why.


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