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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, Pool

Quick update on the state of The Discourse, as Democrats grapple with the reality of "Build Back Better" potentially slipping away. Some are simply asserting that it must be passed anyway, which accomplishes nothing. Others are leaning into other battles like killing the filibuster (including this "moderate") or packing the Supreme Court. Still, others are trying to persuade Joe Manchin. But being persuasive requires accuracy, and Sen. Dick Durbin is really struggling on that front: 


(1) They absolutely have not paid for everything they've scheduled. Even under the manipulated CBO score Democrats themselves engineered with numerous gimmicks, the scorekeepers still determined that hundreds of billions of dollars in the planned spending is unpaid for. Democrats simply declared this math wrong. 

(2) Their claim was that the bill would cost "zero dollars" and add not a dime to deficits. That is not even close to true. This is the opposite of "keeping faith" with the American people. 

(3) Based on the latest CBO score, the proposals in BBB would add three trillion dollars to deficits over the next decade alone. That's on top of existing debt and structural deficits. 

(4) American voters simply do not believe trillions in new, unpaid-for spending will have no negative impact on the inflationary problem they're feeling every day. That's part of why BBB is now opposed by most of the country, with independents leading the stampede away from the reckless plan. 


(5) It's not "speculation" to assess an honest scoring of a "transformative" spending plan that Democrats say out loud they want to make permanent. That's not a claim invented by Republicans for political reasons. It's something that's been stated openly by Democrats, including in leadership: 

And, I mean, c'mon: 

But aside from all that, Durbin makes a good point. I'll leave you with another senator named Dick making a very interesting choice


Blumenthal has come a long way – from repeatedly lying about fighting the Commies in 'Nam, to cordially addressing them in person. What a journey. 

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