CBS Anchor Agrees with Michelle: Obama Administration Faced 'No Scandals'

Posted: Jul 09, 2019 1:55 PM

Eight years, and no scandals.  That would be a remarkable track record, if it were true.  This assertion is now quite familiar, of course, as Obamaworld has been working hard to install their revisionist version of history since late in the 44th president's second term.  We've heard it from top Obama aides, from his former Vice President (in pursuit of his own candidacy), and now the former First Lady.  I'm more or less willing to give Michelle a pass on this one -- but it's galling to see a CBS News anchor sit there and actively agree with this assertion -- which, by the way, came in the context of describing her view that unlike her husband's inaugurals, President Trump's did not look like "all of America:"

This seems like as good a time as any to recall that CBS' Gayle King, presented as journalist by her network, vacationed with the Obamas.  But that was "not a political statement," you see:

Fresh off a Tahitian excursion with a host of celebrities including Barack and Michelle Obama, "CBS This Morning" anchor Gayle King defended her trip against accusations of journalistic impropriety, explaining to "Access Hollywood," "My vacations are not political and so I went on vacation with a great group of people and, to me, that's not a political statement." Meanwhile, a source told Page Six last week that "Capital J" journalists at CBS are "raving mad" about King's spring break. Though her connections to Obama are not a new development — she donated tens of thousands of dollars to his Victory Funds according to the FEC...

King wants viewers to believe that her close chumminess with the former president's family, and her donations to his victory fund, are not political statements. Does anybody believe she was capable of covering his tenure in office fairly -- especially in her treatment of his critics?  King's sycophantic endorsement of the 'no scandals' fairy tale should settle that question once and for all.  As for the substance of the claim, the Washington Free Beacon put together a montage recapping the supposed lack of scandals in early 2017.  Flashback:

In addition, I wrote this at the time:

I'd also add the journalist-targeting imbroglio to the list, as well as an illegal negotiation with terrorists, lying about shipping a cash ransom to a terrorist regime, lying about nuclear negotiations with said regime, and lying about doctoring the public record regarding the previous lie.

But hey, at least a foreign election interference scandal didn't occur on the Obama administration's watch, according to Uncle Joe