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In a development that stuns exactly nobody, President Barack Obama has formally endorsed the presidential campaign of corrupt liar and hypocrite extraordinaire his former Secretary of State and 2008 rival Hillary Clinton, upon whom he's counting to carry on his failed legacy.  The announcement -- which has been reported as imminent for days and comes shortly after Mrs. Clinton clinched the Democratic Party's nomination -- dropped just after Obama's much-anticipated meeting with Bernie Sanders, who says he's fully committed to helping defeat Donald Trump in the fall.  Here's the president's #ImWithHer pitch, which arrives amid reports that he's eager to hit the campaign trail this year, another complete non-surprise.  Try to avoid a spit-take when he offers a "testament to her character:"


I also enjoyed the bit where claps Bernie on the back for fighting the "outsized influence of money in our politics" while in the process of enthusiastically embracing this woman.  She's gotten immensely wealthy off of the outsized influence Obama (risibly) laments, which is pure posturing from him, to boot.  Speaking of Sanders, Justin writes that it appears as though the self-described Socialist, Obama and Hillary are about to become one big happy anti-Trump family:

Warning that a Trump presidency would be a "disaster," the Vermont senator said he would "work as hard as I can to make sure that Donald Trump does not become president of the Untied States." "I look forward to meeting with (Clinton) in the near future to see how we can work together to defeat Donald Trump and to create a government which represents all of us and not just the 1 percent," he added.

Thanks in large measure to intense Republican disgust toward Hillary Clinton, most of the party has rallied to its nominee-in-waiting, despite some unseemly incidents and bumps along the road. That coalescence hasn't happened yet on the Democratic side, which helps explain why polls in some swing states are so close. If and when Obama is able to help heal the Clinton/Sanders schism in relatively short order -- and if and when the entire center-Left links arms in the name of defeating Trump -- it's likely that Clinton will enjoy the sort of post-victory polling boost that Trump did last month.  I'll leave you with Mrs. Character telling Fox News' Bret Baier last night that of course her rules-violating, national security-compromising email scandal and resulting lies won't amount to anything that will hurt her in November.  This is the woman Democrats deserve, and they've got her:


"That is not going to happen...Absolutely, that’s what I’m saying." Cc: The Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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