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Video: Let's Count Hillary Clinton's Email Scandal Lies

Today is the one-year anniversary of Hillary Clinton's mendacious United Nations press conference, at which she issued a string of assertions that have subsequently been proven false. Conservative group America Rising has released a 
damning compilation of her lies, spliced together with news reports systematically refuting each one. Watch:

She set up the server to facilitate the "convenience" of using just one personal device. False. The private, unsecure server "was allowed by the State Department." False. Her emails sent to .gov accounts were all saved in the State Department system. False. She's been forthcoming and helpful in this routine review. False. Any email that "could be connected in any way" to her official duties was turned over. False. Her national security-compromising server was set up for Bill Clinton. False. She didn't email any classified material to anyone. False. "There is no classified material" on the server. Wildly, laughably false -- and yet she's doubling down, nervously laughing off questions about what she'd do if she's indicted.  Hillary Clinton continues to get clobbered in Democratic primaries among voters who prioritize honesty and trustworthiness, and her major upset loss to Bernie Sanders in Michigan was no exception.  He decimated her with that demographic by an 
80-19 margin.  Journalist Ron Fournier cannot believe that Hillary keeps repeating verifiably untrue statements pertaining to her email imbroglio:

Here's DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz floundering under sharp questioning from Megyn Kelly, including on a challenge regarding Clinton's honesty problem with voters:

Incidentally, Democrats have won four of seven presidential elections in the post-Reagan era.  I'm not sure what she's talking about.  I'll leave you with my fact-check segment with Gretchen Carlson this afternoon, via Right Sightings:

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