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Pelosi: Obamacare's Affordability Will Help Democrats, You Guys

In advance of Obamacare's fourth anniversary, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi held a press conference to tout her party's grand "accomplishment." Turnout was less than stellar:


Things went downhill from there. The NRCC has a full recap of her performance, elements of which are too fun to resist posting here. In response to one reporter's question, Pelosi said the unpopular law is a political winner for Democrats, chiding the journalist for using the term "Obamacare" in the first place:

It's the Affordable Care Act, people. Even though it...isn't affordable for millions upon millions of people, including most of the previously-uninsured population. Also, it's a real headache to keep up with the lexicon rules. For awhile, "Obamacare" was a vicious Republican slur. Then it was totally fine to use because Team Obama embraced it. Now that the administration has backed away from the term (hilarious context here), Pelosi is back to being a stickler for formality. And MSNBC is back to doing its thing. As for the notion that Obamacare is good politics for Democrats, I give you this:


Oddly, Pelosi chose to name-check Sink in one of her answers. aware of what happened in Florida, yes? Finally, the former Speaker was challenged about Obamacare's rising premiums. She feigned (?) ignorance, then shuffled away from the microphone:

She demands names! Who, precisely, is predicting higher premiums? Well, here's one name: Kathleen Sebelius -- who, according to industry officials, is understating the degree of cost hikes. Parting thought: Is Pelosi so insulated as to be unaware of these facts, or is she just lying?


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